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I'm a travel expert – this is the best way to deal with delayed flights

A holiday maker trying to go abroad this year faced great turmoil at the airport, causing flight delays and cancellations.

These issues are expected to continue during the summer, so travel experts atAirport Parking Reservationhave put together tips on what to do if your flight is delayed. ..

Travel insurance investment

delaysare becoming more common around the world, so plan your trip carefully. Is more important than ever. airport.

Experts recommend investing intravel insuranceto cover travel delays.

In the UK, airlines are obliged to take care of passengers after a certain delay period, but most travelinsurance policiesprovide additional compensation for travel uncertainty. Provide.

If the flight ofis postponed for more than 12 hours due to a strike, bad weather, or mechanical failure, additional compensation will usually be applied. 

Keep expense receipts

Passengers can try refunds from the airlinefor purchases at the airport Receipts must be keptlater.

You will need to fill out a fixed benefit form to cover thetravel delayto cover expenses such as eating and drinking while waiting at the airport.

Airlines only pay "reasonable"costs, but may offer refunds for purchases of alcohol, expensive meals, luxury hotels, etc. Almost none. 

In case of delay 

Some passengersare delayed fordays Flight turmoil, you need to prepare and arrive with essentials such as changing clothes, snacks, phone chargers, toiletries and entertainment.

Passengers can also consider taking a rest during the hold-up time with aeye maskor earplugs. 

Exploring the airport 

If you can't leave the airport because the delay isn't too long, spend some time exploring. You canairport facilities.

Some airports have a spa, a beauty salon, and even a movie theater to kill time.

Knowing Passenger Rights

Passengers may be entitled tocompensationor refund if the flight is delayed. There is a charge to learn about your rights.

For delayed flights departing from the UK or EU, travelers are protected by the refusal rules.

If the flight is delayed more than the set time (2 hours for flights less than 1500km, 3 hours for flights between 1500km and 3500km, 4 hours for flights over 3500km)-Airline Companyhas an obligation to take care of passengers

Regarding flight delays outside the EU, rights depend on the airline's terms of service. Therefore, it is advisable to check the terms of use before arriving at the airport}.

In the United States, airlines do not need to indemnify passengers if a flight is delayed or canceled. 

Contact the airline's customer service 

As soon as the passenger learns of thedelay, the airline's The service team needs to contact the customer.

It is important to note that delays in flights outside the control of the airline may interfere with your right to compensation. Therefore, it is always advisable to check thestatusbefore making a claim or complaint. The

customer service team should also be able to provide guidance on the immediate steps available to resolve the flight queryfor

Here's how to claim compensation if your flight is delayed.

Meanwhile, these passengers were stuck at the airport fortwo days.