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I ordered £50 of McDonald’s to see how much I’d win on their Monopoly game – the results left me stunned

IT'S the game that McDonald's fans go wild for - with prizes including £100,000 cash and a £2,000 holiday.

And one man decided to see what he'd end up winning, after spending a staggering £50 on the fast food.

"I just spent £50 on McDonald's Monopoly to see what we would win," Josh began his TikTok video.

Things got off to a good start as, just a few minutes in to the experiment, Josh exclaimed: "We only need one more yellow already!"

But then he realised that the Big Macs aren't part of the Monopoly game.

"Why do the Big Macs not have the Monopoly on them?" he raged.

"I spent £6 on this and it doesn't have a sticker."

They then carried on ripping off the stickers, as Josh said: "Come on TV - let's win a TV!

"We've only got like three more left, so hopefully we'll win it."

And they then got their first, and only, win of the haul - a quarter pounder with cheese.

But if they do the video again, Josh noted that they only need "one more blue one, one more red and one more orange".

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "£50 at McDonald’s u used to get so much. It’s getting so dear now!"

"How is that £50?" another wrote.


"I've just spent £30 won £5, Coke, hash browns,nuggets,apple pie and a value meal!" a third commented.

While others shared their own tips on how to get more from the McDonald's Monopoly game.

"Make sure you keep the receipts, apparently if you win they ask for proof of purchase," one wrote.

"If you go on the app you can swap the ones you have double of for others (random),"another added.

As a third commented: "If you get the app and scan the tickets then every time you scan one on the app you get a free peel on the app which can help too collect more in them."