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Iranhulk vs. Kazakh Titan Battle Date, British Time, Opening and Stream

After being piled up for months and piercing the needle over and over again, Hulk of Iran and Titan of Kazakhcontract for the battle on July 31 { Place the pen on the paper at 4}. The

pair will be squared at Media One Hotel's P7 Arena as part of an influencer boxing night, both looking for a massive knockout on their boxing debut. Hulk in Iran has a bigger advantage in size than his rivals, but Kazakh Titan seems to have some explanatory battle background that could benefit him.

Iran's Hulk proved his worth to his former rival Martin Ford and insisted that he would like to reorganize the fight once he overcame his opponent this month. Kazakh Titan, on the other hand, is primarily interested in his upcoming work on July 31st and his growing audience. Elsewhere on the

card, British YouTuber Ryan Taylor aims to eventually fight MMA fighter Anthony Taylor in full. Within minutes of his debut, he was disqualified for hitting his opponent's head, canceling his final battle in the hotel lobby and seriously injuring his opponent.

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When is Iranhulk vs. Kazakh Titan?

Iranhulk and Kazakh Titan's boxing debut will take place on July 31st at the P7 Arena in Dubai. This event will feature a number of social media battles prior to the main event.

What are the rules for Iranhulk vs. Kazakh Titan?

Iran's Hulk will face Kazakh Titan in four rounds of two minutes each. The size of the gloves has not yet been determined, but neither man is expected to wear headgear.

Other battles have a similar rule set, with most social media celebrities fighting only the first or second time, with some discrepancies in the card records.

What time does Iranhulk vs. Kazakh Titan start in the UK?

Given the relatively small time difference of 3 hours, the event could start in UK prime time. Dubai is on time, so the main event ringwalk will be faster than usual, but not in the afternoon.

The main card battle is expected to be played four times, and there will be one or two preliminary battles, that is, about six games.

How to watch on TV and live stream

This event will be broadcast by promoter Wicked'N'Bad's own paid viewing service. £ 5 if you sign up early, £ 7 at night.

If you're in Dubai, you can also get a ticket to attend an event whose details haven't been announced yet.

Iran Hulk vs Kazakh Titan Fight Card

Main Event: Iran Hulk vs Kazakh Titan

Ryan Taylor vs Anthony Taylor

Oumar'Reug Reug' Kane vs TBA

Baby Slice vs TBA

Quote Corner

Iran Hulk:Be a great champion of the world, respect people and represent them with all their might. After winning this battle, I would like to challenge Martin Ford, but if Martin is too scared, this battle will happen. To fight me And the world knows. I'm now stepping into a ring ready to fight. "

Kazakh Titan:" Many people are me Says I don't know who, but they will see my power on July 31st who Kazakh Titan is. I won and made history, the most ever in Dubai I'm going to make it an interesting show. When I win this fight, I want to fight Hyodor in Armati, and bring the biggest fight to the country so far. "

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