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ITV Lorraine predicts Boris Johnson will resign as a psychic pig before the show stops broadcasting

Lorraine Kelly,Boris Johnsonappeared in her show with a special "psychic pig," he said. After heading straight to the sign, I would have predicted that I would resign today. It was confirmed that he will resign today as the cabinet of Prime Ministercontinued to collapse

. This means that "Mysterious Pig Marcus" was right.

When she opened an ITV show on Thursday, Scotts' television moderator said:

After a while, she turned to Marcus, a mystic pig, to predict if Mr Johnson would walk today.

The footage shows the animal walking straight towards the sign that says "go", which Lorraine regarded as the gospel.

"I think it's pretty decisive. The psychic pig is talking," Lorraine added. "I can't argue with the mysterious pig Boris Johnson. It's time to go."

Later, the Lorraine show was short, with the latest news that the Prime Minister would make a statement to the country at lunch. became.

The mysterious pig Marcus said Boris would go

Talking to political correspondent Jonathan Swain, who stood outside No. 10, Lorraine said: "Jonathan is hard to catch up, you Who runs the country? "

She continued:" I've heard that there may be an imminent resignation, not immediately, but it may be later in the day. Maybe. "

Shortly after, Lorraine welcomed JLS star Aston Mary Gold to the show, but she said she needed to go to ITV News to cover the impending resignation of the Prime Minister. As I explained, his interview was shortened.

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