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January 6 Hearing-Live: The Commission announces the next date that Trump's allies have been summoned in a Georgia investigation.

Liz Chainy states that he has not decided whether to run for president

Fulton, Georgia County, Former President of the Grand JuryDonald Trumpinvestigated attempts to overturn Joe Biden's 2020 election victory, South Carolina SenatorLindsey Graham,Rudolph Giuliani, and a few other lawyers have been issued a subpoena who played a role in Mr. Trump's plan.

Meanwhile,Adam Kinzingeris one of only two Republicans on the January 6 election committee and is angry with his criticism. He shared the culmination of intimidation and abuse called by his supporters of Trump. Former president.

Later on Tuesday, the Commission announced that the next live face-to-face hearing will take place next week, focusing on Mr. Trump's role in assembling a mob attacking the US Capitol.

Also, in a new trailer for a three-part documentary filmed months before the January 6 riots, Mr. Trump and his children discuss their views on the 2020 elections. It features footage that has never been seen before from the attack on the Capitol itself.

The two-minute trailer released today byPoliticois the time of live footage summoned by a commission investigating the worst attacks on Congress since the early 19th century. Just a glimpse of.


January 6 Hearings revealed as Trump's role in gathering parliamentary mobs shifts to

January 6Commission Tuesday A week after, lawmakers have announced that they will meet for the next hearing.

A short notice was posted on Twitter by a member of the panel late Tuesday afternoon. The news arrives just a week after the explosive testimony of White House official Cassidy Hutchinson was taken up at the final hearing of the Riot Commission.

At the next hearing,Donald Trumpand thousands of Trump supporters will be invited to the national capital for the day of the riots. Focus on the role of his ally. Members revealed in a weekend interview.

The Commission will hold at least two hearings


Kinzinger shares a threat directed at his office

January 6 Commission member Adam Kinzinger shared a disastrous edit of the threat that his office routinely faces due to his criticism of Donald Trump and his condemnation of the Capitol riots. .. This clip contains, in just over three minutes, those who threaten a member of parliament and his family with deadly violence, and those who want him to be punished by "the wrath of Almighty God." increase.

The clip is below. Listener's discretion is advised.

Andrew Feinberg has a story.

Republicans are routinely threatened with killings by supporters of former President Donald Trump.


ICYMI: Cheney keeps drying powder in presidential elections

{January 6 Liz Cheney, Vice President of the House Elections Committee, was in the first sit-down interview since the hearing began last month. He said he did not exclude bidding on the president in 2024.

"I'm obviously very focused on my reelection," a difficult reelection after being accused by the Republican Party of his hometown for accepting his role in parliament. Mr. Chainy, who is facing the campaign, added. A committee that investigated the violent riots at the US Capitol and remained a thorn on the side ofDonald Trump.

"I am very focused on the January 6th committee. I am very focused on my duty to do my job now."

Johanna Chisholm has more.

'A dangerous man like Donald Trump will never be near the Oval Office. You can't be in. 'Republicans told ABC News


Kinzinger accused the Capitol mob Poke McCarthy on

Adam Kinzinger, who continues to be the most combative Twitter on the January 6th Commission, is from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on January 8, 2021. Re-shared the message. justice.

Since then, McCarthy has sought to outlaw Kinzinger's committee, minimizing Donald Trump's role in the attack and cautioning against the riots themselves. I have tried repeatedly toward. Suspected security failure at the Parliament building that preceded it.


Future Inquiry: Who are the Oak Keepers?

The next January 6 Commission hearing will focus on how the mobs who attacked the Capitol gathered and the role played by an organized militant group. Gives a special time to.

In these groups, several members were charged with instigating conspiracy against their alleged role in the Capitol riots. There are Oath Keepers. They have been accused of bringing weapons to the Washington, DC area on January 6, and their leader, Stewart Rose, contacts someone in Trump's orbit in an attempt to "approve" the violence from the president. It is said that it was done.

Graeme Massie has a background for this group.

Group members face up to 20 years in prison if convicted by the government


Accused of assault after marching Boston for "illness" Patriot Front

members Far-right extremist groupPatriot FrontmarchesBoston

with the group masked He was charged withassaultafter an incident occurred while he was there.

Police said the black man was assaulted by members of the Patriot Front during the march. The man reportedly was trying to shoot them on his cell phone.

Boston black leaders called Patriot front members "Kuk children"


'I'm not a crazy Republican. I'm a rational person. "

Brian Dahle,Republican PartyLong-standing hope that the party will abort the governor of CaliforniaGavin NewsomCan't allowDemocratsto refuse elections, hate abortion, love guns, and label him as an exaggerated right-winger in his progressive home state.

That's why amiable peasant and state senator Dahl, who lives in the sparsely populated northeastern corner of the state, gets in the way to clarify one thing. Do not do. Republican Party. I am a rational person.

Republican Brian Dahle has difficulty defeating California Governor Gavin Newsom in November Faced with a battle


ICYMI: Explosive Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony

The members of the Commission on January 6 wereCassidy Hutchinson, former Chief of Staff's aideMark Meadows, last week.

CongressmanAdam Kinzingersees new people coming from CNN's Danabash inUnion Stateon Sunday Testify following her explosive testimony to the panel on Tuesday when asked if she is.

"Yes," he replied, refusing to name the source or discuss the Commission's internal deliberations.

John Boden has a story.

The Commission will hold at least two hearings


Protrump mob {313 focusing on "assembling efforts" at the next January 6 hearing }

Members The January 6th Commission revealed the subject of the Commission's next hearing on Sunday, and on CBS News, he and his colleaguesDonald Trump {317. } Has announced that it will consider efforts to lure thousands of supporters to theUS Capitol.

RepresentativeAdamSchiffcommented onFace the Nationand explained: "Focused on efforts to gather the mob" attacked Congress while the Senate was meeting to prove the outcome of the 2020 elections.

John Boden reports from Washington, DC.

The Commission may shed new light on the far-right militia elements of the riot crowd. There is