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Legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch launches ALEXA ‘sex tape room’ aimed at randy gadget geeks in Las Vegas for CES 2019

A LEGAL brothel in America has opened a "fully-automated" sex tape room powered by Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant.

Management at the notorious Sheri's Ranch in Nevada expect the room to be fully operational for punters this week – in hopes of targeting gadget geeks attending the CES 2019 tech show in nearby Las Vegas, The Sun learned during an exclusive tour.

Possibly the world's most infamous bordello, Sheri's Ranch is notable for being the closest Nevada brothel to Vegas proper.

This week will see 200,000 tech industry big-wigs descend on the city to check out gadgets like the LG beer machine, Alexa toilet and Halfords' smart bicycle.

And it's likely that a portion of attendees will make their way to Sheri's Ranch to try out an automated room that creates custom porn videos for punters to take home.

The Sun was able to get a first look at the room, which contained a bed, four cameras, several monitors – and a second-gen Amazon Echo speaker on a table.

The Amazon Echo is typically used for telling you about the news, playing music or ordering pizzas.

But bosses at Sheri's have created a custom experience: punters need to simply say "Alexa, begin the porn star experience" – and the sex tape room springs into life.

The shutters go down, the lights turn on, and the cameras start filming from all angles.

This includes a top-down view that will likely leave little to the imagination.

The cameras are linked up to a computer system that cycles through different viewpoints, cutting them into a professional-style clip.

And once punters are finished, they can collect the tape on an SD card and take it home – for strictly personal use only, I'm told.

"The week of the CES show is our busiest time of year, and each year we make the extra effort to introduce exciting new amenities at the Ranch," bordello madam Dena explained.

"Sheri's offers a quiet, safe and private retreat on our 20-acre property, away from the noise and crowds of CES' convention floor.

"We want to give our customers a one-of-a-kind experience they won't find anywhere else."

The Sun spoke to several of the girls working at the Nevada bonking parlour about the new room.

Roxanne, 24, told us it's likely the girls will be charging clients extra for a taped session – because it's such a unique experience.

Not all girls working at Sheri's will want to use the room for privacy reasons – and none of them are obligated too.

But some are keen to make use of it.

Lily, 31,  – who also works as a webcam performer and porn star – explained that being able to offer services in a one-of-a-kind Alexa room is a great promotional opportunity, as the girls can advertise the experience on social media.

The CES tech show begins in earnest on Tuesday, December 8, so it's likely there'll be plenty of interest in the sex tape room.

According to Sheri's Ranch, revenue at the brothel spikes by nearly 70% during the week of the convention.

"We like to give our tech-savvy clients something new and special to experience every year," Dena previously told The Sun, when the sex tape room was first announced last year.

"All of the ladies are independent contractors, so the cost for creating a sex tape will vary depending on what each individual courtesan chooses to charge for the service," she added.

Does your Alexa speaker get you in the mood for bonking? Let us know in the comments!

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