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"Liberated" Boris vows to fight after a failed coup from a "dishonest" cabinet

Nadim Zahawi becomes Prime Minister after Rishi Sunak resigns

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On the day of the drama's high day, the Prime Minister yesterday received the double resignation of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Minister of Health Sajid Javid. I was. With the resignation of a series of junior front benches.

Boris, Rishi and Sajid

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid were in the Cabinet last night(Image: PA)

However, he insisted on his allies last night that he failed to force him out of Downing Street and "liberated. Marking "the moment", it will allow his government to pursue the deep blue Tory agenda to win the next general election.

Johnson is said to be "resolutely determined" and "business as usual" following the extraordinary dishonest acts of the two senior ministers. I did.

He swiftly acted to transform the cabinet by appointing his close ally Steve Berkley, formerly Chief of Staff of Downing Street, as the new Minister of Health. It was understood that the appointment of a new prime minister was imminent.

And Johnson soon plans to reopen a bold government focused on reducing tax bills for millions of households suffering from the cost of living crisis. I started to set up. The insurance threshold that will come into effect today.

He said at a meeting of at least 80 Conservatives after his resignation:

Close allies have accused Mr Snack of an "inflexible" approach to running the Treasury in recent months, the highest tax burden since the aftermath of World War II. I left it in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, Interior Minister Priti Patel, Foreign Minister Liz Truss and other ministers gathered around Mr Johnson last night to share their loyalty in a series of statements. confirmed.

A source close to Mr. Rab said he was "faithful" to Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Patel's allies said "she remains." An ally of Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who is considered a potential leader candidate, said she was "100% behind the prime minister." A source close to Ben Wallace said, "The Defense Minister has not resigned."

Culture Secretary Nadindries tweeted. "I don't know if anyone really doubted this, but I'm 100% behind Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who consistently makes all the important decisions right."

Brexit Opportunity Jacob Rees-Mogg said: "I fully support the Prime Minister. I think he is the right person for the job."

He added: "The Prime Minister won a big mission in the general election. This is a vote of the British people and should not be robbed of the Prime Minister as many people will resign."

Yesterday's resignation was Downing Street's handling of the scandal surrounding Christopher Pincher, the former Deputy Secretary of State for the Tory Party, followed the heightened dissatisfaction among some Tory Party parties.

Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab and other key ministers Confirmation Loyalty to the Prime Minister(Image: Getty)

It was revealed that Mr. Johnson had forgotten that he had been informed of the previous situation. Later, allegations of "inappropriate" behavior that forced him to apologize publicly yesterday.

Both Snack and Havid said the episode broke his confidence in the Prime Minister's leadership. Sources close to both ministers argued that their departure was not coordinated.

In his resignation, the retiring Prime Minister argued that the government was "not done properly, competently and seriously."

He writes: I realize this may be the job of my last minister, but I believe these standards are worth fighting, and that's why I resign.

He added: "It turns out that our approach is fundamentally too different in preparation for next week's proposal for a joint speech on the economy.

" I'm sad to leave the government However, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that we cannot continue this way. ”

Christopher Pincher

Pincher alleges sexual misconduct(Image: PA)

Mr. Havid resigned In the recent confidence vote, "Humility, grip, and new directions."

He wrote: "But unfortunately it's clear that this situation doesn't change under your leadership, so you've lost my confidence too."

He also Boris Johnson Said to: I served you faithfully and as a friend, but we all serve the country first. When letting you choose from those loyalty, there is only one answer.

Johnson received the resignations of both men and said, "I'm sorry." He praised Mr. Snack, "You have provided outstanding service to the country through the most difficult times in our economy in peacetime history."

And about Mr. Havid , He states:

On another departure last night, Bim Aforami resigned as Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party, Andrew Marison resigned from his post as a trade ambassador to Morocco and Jonathan Gullis, and Nicola Richards. Said Sakib Batti, who stood up as an aide to the minister.

In another blow, Sir Brexit, Minister of the Eve, upheld the resignation of the front bench.

"Sorrowfully, I believe that the interests of the country, the newly established Palestinian Authority, and the Conservative Party are best served by new leaders and new prime ministers," Sir Frost said. Said in a statement.

Tory backbencher Andrew Bridgejan, an opponent of the prime minister, said rebels will take control of the ruling 1922 committee of the parliamentary party next week, with recent party leadership confidence. He said he would try to re-vote.

"We have enough time to form a new committee, meet, and, if necessary, change the rules for confidence voting within a year," he said. Told.

He also predicted more resignations, claiming that Mr Johnson could "show the door."

Labor Party leader Sir Kiel Starmer said in his statement: Tory ministers have always known who this prime minister is.

Analysis by Daily Express Political Editor-MacerHall

Boris Johnson has entered a very dangerous sea area. .. The next 48 hours will determine if this stubborn prime minister will survive while the shark makes a round. Few Tory lawmakers are trying to predict what will happen next.

Last night, a veteran former minister told me: "I thought I saw it all, but I've never seen anything like this."

Immediately after the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, some Tory lawmakers suspected that the Prime Minister would offer his own resignation by the end of the evening.

The threat receded in the next two hours as other ministers sent a declaration of loyalty. Still, rumors continued to spread that the next group of ministers would resign in the next few days.

Minutes before today's Prime Minister's question, No10 could be particularly nervous and resign further to cause the greatest damage. In favor of Mr Johnson, his enemies appear to have run out of weapons.

Attempts to deploy a vote of no confidence last month have backfired, and a large cabinet walkout has not been realized. They are quickly running out of options to give a deadly blow.

Also, there seem to be few signs of effective organization among those who are going to be assassins.

The lack of a date on Rishi Sunak's resignation suggests that he was waiting for the most appropriate moment to come, rather than participating in the coordinated plan.

Johnson's enemies will not give up. The focus of the rebels shifts to taking control of the ruling 1922 committee of the parliamentary party. The battle that was drawn out is imminent.

Johnson knows that the disappearance of the Prime Minister is not necessarily the final blow. He survived Sajid Javid's departure from that role during the 2020 cabinet reshuffle.

However, the loss of such an important person can be a precursor to the end. For all of yesterday's high dramas, it's too early to cancel the prime minister.

Johnson has always had the amazing knack of resisting political gravity and refusing to follow the rules of Westminster's games. The next few hours and days will give their ultimate test to their extraordinary traits.