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Love Island fans ask Indiya to couple with Digi as Dami makes a U-turn after the kiss.

Love Island fans are ready for the boss to send the girl a postcard showing the boy's disgust since departure.

They especially want a girl to abandon her current partner, following a kiss with the bomb Summer Botwe.

DamiHopebetrayedIndiyahPolack, fans said he took action in the summer and did nothing wrong.

But in the next episode, Dami seems to make a U-turn when he eventually admits he missed Indiya, and while he wants to know summer, he still has himself. Indiya hinted that she likes what she has.

He also seemed to admit that he was wrong, despite the line with Luka Bish the night before.

Love Island fans want Indiya to couple with Digi (



That said, Indiya enjoys getting to know Casa Amor's bomb Dezia Denii on Tuesday night. And was torn about it.

Her heart still seemed very deep with Dami, but viewers love her possible relationship with Digi and want her to choose him instead. increase.

They are sent a postcard, showing Dami's kiss outside the challenge, and wanting Indiya to abandon him for Digi in the process. Taking up

Twitter, one fan said:

Love Island's Dami Hope seemed to regret the hesitation from Indiya (


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Anorher agreed: "Postcards because you need Deji to come back. ittttttt ".

A third fan wrote, "When the postcard came and Indiya made a complete step forward with Digi." !!.

It's in the midst of fans who predict that only one couple will survive Casa Amor.

Ekin-SuCulculoglu has decided thatDavide Sanclimentiis her man, but what she doesn't know is that he has already kissed the bombs of two girls. Pair with one of them.

Next, there isAndrew Le Page. Fans accused him of playing the victim overnight after his "personality transplant."

After weeks of being told by the boys that their current partnerTasha Ghouriis using him and doesn't feel the same, viewers Supported, Andrew finally turned his head. A bomb came in and told him that Tasha was taking him to a mug.

Tasha herself became acquainted with a new boy, Billy.

Jay Younger and Danica Taylor are paired, but not a couple. So it's no wonder that both are looking for romance with bombs.

Fans say that Indiya is a new boy's Digi (

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Next, there arePagethornand Jack O'Neill who liked each other at the villa, but both are in Casa Amor. It was torn in between.

Finally, there areGemmaOwenandLucaBish. They have recently revealed her feelings with Gemma, despite a rocky start.

Fans are the only couple to survive Casa Amor and are confident that all other couples will split.

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