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Love Island fans ask the producer to intervene as Jack shows a "red flag" in a chat with a girl in Casa Amor.

LOVE Island viewers begged to intervene in the show's boss after seeing Jack O'Neill display a "red flag" on the new girl Cheyanne Kerr. ..

Jack, 23,Page Thorn' s Back.

But after telling Cheyenne that fans of the ITV2 show just wanted to know her as a way to test her feelings for Page, she remained scared.

Jack, a professional rugby player, tells Cheyenne: off? '

"I need to know you. I'm completely open and do whatever I want to do.

" It's kissing someone or bed If it means doing something like hugging in, I'll deal with the result-if any.

"I'm just going to crack down properly."

Seemingly uncertain, Cheyenne told him: "I don't know. It's difficult for me. If it's invested in someone else, I want to invest my time in you. No. Are you just wasting your time? "

Jack counterattacked:" I'm telling you now, you're not wasting your time. "

Sharing their thoughts, one fan tweeted. "Jack is a player. Cheyenne shouldn't fall ... he basically tells her she wants to use her."

Another said: "Jack tells Cheyenne, She said it was basically an experiment ... a way to be a companion! "

And the third wrote: "Jack isn't openly telling Cheyenne that he's going to use her to see if Page really likes her. He told Dami Hope his plans to" crack "behind Page.

Viewerwas fed up with Dami. Indiyah Polack-Encourage his cheating.

Some viewers are fed up with the boy's behavior and want to finish the Casa Amor challenge early.

Davide Sanclimentikissed two girls overnight without the knowledge ofEkin-Su Culculoglu. On the other hand,Andrew Le Pageis behindCoco Lodge TashaGhouri.

One viewer appealed to the producer of Love Island and tweeted, "Casa Amor can be over, but it's no longer interesting ... it's just emotionally exhausted." ..

Another plea: "Can this Casa Amoralready end? Boys are overkill."

One fan said a red flag emoji "I need a casa amor to finish. I'm nervous," he added.