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Major supermarkets offer petrol for £ 5 off, but there is a problem

SUPERMARKET offers a £ 5 discount at the next shop when you buy gasoline at the previous shop.

But not so fast-Transactionsare only counted if you spend a certain amount of money on your purchase.

Asdaoffers a simple three-step process for making money from your next grocery store.

First, buy gasoline and keep a receipt.

Next, shop as usual.

Finally, at checkout, give the staff a petrol receipt to exchange for a £ 5 voucher from the next shop.

However, there are pitfalls. You should spend at least £ 40 on shopping.

If your spending is less than that, you will not be eligible for the transaction if you buygasoline.

The offer ends on July 15th, but vouchers can be redeemed until the end of the month.

Transactions are only available at some stores, so you should first double check with your nearest store.

Some items, such as alcohol, cigarettes, gift cards, stamps and other gasoline, do not count towards spending at least £ 40.

A complete list of excluded items can be found on the websitehere.

Are there any other transactions?

In some other supermarkets, there are small deals and discounts on gasoline prices.

If you want to keep costs down, just search for the cheapest option. And since transactions often don't last long, you may have to be quick.

Morrisons offered customers 7p off per liter of fuel, for example, in February. Please note that from time to timeTescoalso offers coupons to redeem for gasoline discounts.

Where can I get cheap fuel? With

fuel prices soaring, you can search for better deals in other supermarkets.

There are tools to help you do this.

For example, PetrolPrices Use the app and website to see prices from over 8,000 forecourts nearby, or publicly available data. You can use. also has a convenient price checker where you can find the cheapest gas station near you.

You can also lower the fuel price in other ways. For example,keep the tire inflated and remove the excess weight. Both can slow down the car and reduce wasted gasoline.

Seefor why gasoline prices are so high. There are also tips for keeping costs down.

AndIf you're feeling the pressure of rising gasoline prices, here are some clever tricks for drivers.