A racist mom called a Mexican-American woman a ‘wetback’ after her son was asked not to sit on a waterpark table where the woman’s family was about to eat.

The racist, who wears an orange bikini and shades, was arguing with Angela Gomez before Gomez started filming – and was happy to repeat the racist slur on camera when asked to.

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It is a slur used to describe Mexicans living in the US illegally after wading through the Rio Grande river, and ruined the Gomez family’s trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

She shared the video to her Facebook writing: ‘Racism is alive and well this lady had the audacity to call us wetbacks telling us to go back to Mexico because we asked her to have her kid to sit down please and not put his butt where people eat at.

‘I have video of her callin us wetbacks and some crap about welfare.

bro San Antonio is the wrong place to call anyone a wetback.’

Gomez later edited the post to clarify what had happened before she began recording.

She added: ‘Yes we asked the parents to have the kid sit on the bench part of the table.

‘We had reserved those tables and they asked if they could sit and eat there we of course told them absolutely no problem well they got crazy when we asked them to have the kid sit on the table correctly.’

Six Flags told KENS 5 afterwards: ‘We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and deeply regret that this exchange took place in our park.’