A mother injected her newborn baby with heroin then dumped his corpse in a trash bag after he died, police say.

The woman, from Santa Fe in New Mexico, is said to have admitted giving the baby the powerful drug to stave off withdrawal symptoms, suggesting the little boy got hooked while in the womb.

A search warrant obtained by the Albuquerque Journal said the horrific crime was uncovered after the boy’s dad called police last Friday.

He is said to have returned from a trip to Colorado to discover that his girlfriend no longer appeared to be pregnant.

The father also told police that his partner is a frequent heroin user, and continued to shoot up while expecting.

That disturbing report prompted police to visit the trailer where she lives later the same night.



The woman then reportedly told cops that she had given birth, although she was not sure of the exact date.

She added that she had passed out from the pain of labor, then woke up to find the youngster unresponsive.

That contradicted her partner’s story, with the grieving father insisting that the woman had been injecting the baby with the drug herself.

Police said the woman’s ‘statements were inconsistent and not making logical sense.’

After detectives entered the woman’s trailer, they ‘smelled the smell of death and began to look for the newborn baby,’ according to court papers.

Soon afterwards, they found a black trash bag next to a toilet, inside which was another black bag, with the baby’s corpse inside.

Results of an autopsy to establish how the baby died – and if he had been injected with heroin – have not yet been released.

Police have not released the mother’s name, or commented on whether they plan to charge her with any crime.