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Mum called ‘cheap’ for asking parents to pay £10 towards son’s birthday party at trampoline park

A MUM has accused another parent of being "cheap and rude" for asking her to pay £10 towards her son's birthday party at a trampoline park in Hull.

The mum invited her son's class to Gravity trampoline park to celebrate her boy's fifth birthday party but instead of booking the party package only paid for their entry fee.

This meant the other parents had to buy the orange socks needed to bounce, as well as paying for their child's food and drink - which are included in the party package.

One frustrated mum, who has not been named, claimed the parent organising the trampoline party had saved herself £156 by not booking the party package.

She grumbled that each parent would have to fork out an extra £10 to take their kid to the party.

The unnamed mum voiced her displeasure on Mumsnet.

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She wrote: "Darling Child was invited to a classmates 5th birthday party at a jump trampoline place. WhatsApp message to whole class inviting and giving time location etc.

"Another message received a few days before party saying 'If you have the socks already, bring them. If not, you can purchase them there'.

"As I've been to one of these parties before I know the socks are usually included in the party, but I didn't think too much about it.

"Turns out she has paid entry for all of the attendees, but not for the socks or entry fee for parents.

"So she hasn't booked it as a party. When another parent inquired about food she said that we would all be going to McDonald's around the corner after the jumping.

"I'm going to presume she is paying for the meals but who knows. So when I attend I will have to buy the socks, pay entry, and no doubt spend a fortune on drinks as she hasn't got any jugs put on like they do for parties. Then have to traipse round to McDonald's after.

"Am I being unreasonable to think that she is being cheap, and rude? She hasn't made this clear to other parents that this will be happening. It will cost each parent at least £10, some more as there are siblings invited.

"My DH (darling husband) doesn't think it's a big deal which is why I'm asking here. I just feel it's a big no no to do this. FWIW (for what it's worth) she is not struggling for money in the slightest."

The mum's post received a mixed response on the forum.

One mum said: "I don't see the issue. She has pre-warned you and as you’ve been before, I don’t see why you can’t reuse or take you own cheaper socks along with a bottle of water."

Another parent wrote: "It wouldn't bother me as long as I knew."

However some disagreed with contributing to another child's party.

One mum wrote: "I know paying for entry for so many children must be costing a fortune. But wouldn't you just invite less and do a proper party? I would.

"She's worded it as a party on the WhatsApp group. What if some of these parents don't have the money to pay when they turn up?"

Another said: "She should invite fewer guests."