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Mum saves £9k by overhauling her 60s kitchen for £68 after she was trapped inside for 10 days when River Severn flooded

A MUM saved £9k by overhauling her 60's kitchen for £68 after she was trapped inside for 10 days when River Severn flooded.

Sam Waters decided to get creative with her 'timewarp' kitchen when cooped up in her Shrewsbury home during the floods - and it definitely paid off.

Mum-of-one Sam, 29, hubbie Will, 30, and three-year-old son Artie found themselves housebound for over a week and took advantage of that time to transform their home.

The family moved into the gorgeous property back in 2018 after securing a good deal for it due to it's antiquated interiors.

The three-bedroom home hadn't been touched since it was first built in the 1960's and the family wanted to overhaul it to reflect their personal style.

But they'd "given up on the idea" of re-decorating the kitchen, deterred by being quoted between £7k-£10k to achieve their desired result.

However when the floods struck and schools, roads and shops were shut down, teacher Sam faced ten days at home and finally could no longer avoid confronting the kitchen situation.

She kept costs at bay by using high street paint and trawling the net for bargains online.

Despite never having "done anything on my home before," Sam dedicated two to three hours a day to working on the kitchen and referred to a DIY group on Facebook for inspiration.

She started by gutting and cleaning the kitchen for an empty slate.

She then removed the cupboards and painted them with grey paint from Wilko - costing just £12 - before adding a high-gloss finish.

Mrs.Waters then replaced the old, ropy door-handles with brand new ones from eBay that cost just £18.

A £10 roll of vinyl from B&Q achieved the sleek look of the tile area around the cooker.

But the final challenge was to transform the "cupboard where the old boiler vent used to be."

She explained: "No one could figure out what it was for when we moved in.

"It's the reason why the professional quotes were so high because if we had it knocked down there would need to be a strong structure put in place to brace the ceiling.

"So I just thought, why don't we turn it into a kitchen cupboard?"

To achieve this she sanded and painted the inside, added shelves that cost £20 and whitewashed the brick effect wall.

She now uses it to store pots and pans and proudly claimed "Recycling old stuff from your house is easier to do than you think!"

And "with a little painting help from Will and Artie," it took about six half-days to complete and cost just £68!

That's a massive £9,932 saved from the original predicted price of the task.

After sharing the incredible transformation, their handy work has been praised by friends, family and the wider online community.

Sam proudly said: "I did a big reveal of the kitchen for my mum and she was gobsmacked.

"I can't believe how popular the Facebook post became - it just makes me feel proud of my work."

Before adding " I absolutely love the kitchen now and don't feel the need to pay any more money on it."

Though she is considering updating the kitchen floor with vinyl as the final touch!

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