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Mum sparks fierce debate with her jacket potato ‘birthday cake’, but insists the food mountain was completely devoured

CARROT, Red Velvet, chocolate fudge - there are so many different kinds of birthday cakes that people can choose from.

But one woman decided to mix things up this year, by having a jacket potato cake to celebrate her 37th birthday.

Her husband took on the challenge of putting the cake together, writing over the top of his TikTok video: "POV: It's your wife's birthday and she loves her jackets."

He began by putting a bowl face down on a piece of tin foil, before putting seven jacket potatoes around the edge.

After seasoning the potatoes, he covered each one in baked beans and grated cheese before moving onto the next layer.

Next, he put five jacket potatoes on top of that, and one in the middle - creating a tiered effect.

He then squished the potatoes open, added the toppings and got to work on the top tier, adding another three potatoes, before topping with tuna, beans and cheese.

Once the 'cake' was completed, he put in the candles - ready for his other half to blow out.

In the next video, he showed her responding to the cake, as she burst into laughter upon seeing the jacket potato mountain.

After everyone sang Happy Birthday and she blew out the candles, she then immediately got stuck in.

In another video, she and her family were seen tucking in to the food, as her husband said: "Don't worry, none of this is going to go to waste.

"Whatever's left, we're going to package up and freeze".

That didn't stop people from commenting on the video though, with one writing: "What a waste …."

The mum responded in another clip, as she said: "What do you reckon then? That the birthday cake just got made for TikTok and then it's all gone to waste?

"You'll actually be very surprised that we've actually caned it."

She turned the camera to the leftovers as she added: "I mean, it looks gross, I know.

"But there's barely anything left over."

Not everyone agreed with her assessment though, with one writing: "Barely ??? Still a waste ….. people starving and would die for this".

"That’s quite a lot leftover tbf," another added.

"Still a lot wasted tbh," a third sighed.

As someone else wrote: "Loads left!"

Others defended the mum though, with one insisting: "Don’t even need to explain yourself!! People will hate for no reason."

"Babe don’t rise to these people," another added.

"What an amazing idea !! Yum!" a third praised.