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My toxic mother-in-law accuses me of POISONING my baby by not breastfeeding and constantly calls me fat

A DISTRAUGHT mum at the end of her tether with her mother in law has made a series of scandalous TikTok detailing the MIL's alleged bad behaviour.

Fed up Idalis Lago, who is proud mum to a seven-month-old little boy, claims her relationship with her husband's mum has become so fraught, they no longer see each other.

Taking to TikTok, Idalis accused her 'toxic' MIL of "calling me and my mum fat every time you see us," "bringing your dog to our wedding" and ""telling me I'm poisoning our son by giving him his formula."

The clip, which is captioned "Oh the things I've endured" and features a lengthy list of the mum's alleged wrongdoings, has racked up over 900,000 views and 100,000 likes.

What's more, Idalis claims the mum accused her and her other half of "making too much of a big deal" of their then unborn by throwing a gender reveal party.

The meddling MIL even apparently opened Idalis's post and joked about "dropping their baby," which the new mum understandably didn't see the funny side of.

Continuing the saga, Idalis uploaded another video detailing another row between the two.

She said: "There's nothing worse than your mother in law telling you how to be a mother.

"My mother in law came over the other day and saw that my son was in his rocking chair, and mind you, he'd been awake for the whole entire day, so I put him in the chair and he was knocked out.

"I was able to start cleaning the house and cooking for all of us. She comes in and she's like 'Oh my god what is he doing in there? You're messing up his growth!'"

The mum then proceeded to tell Idalis that she 'needed to take care of him better' and a row erupted between the two.

Later providing an update on the situation, Idalis said her MIL called and asked to see her son, to which her husband replied, "Are you planning to fix things with my wife?"

The MIL replied: "I have nothing to say sorry for, she should be thanking me for creating you."

The husband responded by taking his wife's side and saying the meddling MIL wouldn't get to see their baby son until she made Idalis feel comfortable.

He said: " I guess it is what it is and you're not going to see the baby.

"You don't have a right until you fix things with the mother. If the mother's not comfortable, I'm going to respect her wishes."

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