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Nadim Zahawi was appointed as the new prime minister after Rishi Sunak resigned in the "ability" column.

Boris Johnson has appointed Nadhim Zahawi as the new prime minister after the resignation of theRishi Sunakbomb.

Downing Street has confirmed that the Secretary of Education will be promoted to replace Mr. Snack and that the University Minister Michel Donneran will take over the education.

Johnson's Chief of Staff Steve Berkley has become the new Minister of Health.

Prime MinisterRemodels the crisis tonight after Tory's anger at Prime Minister Christopher Pincher's treatment of the saga has led to a dramatic resignation of Mr Snack and Health Minister Sajid Havid. I was forced to do it.

Zahawi, who fled Iraq when his family was only nine years old, soared to the second most important job in the government.

Prior to becoming Secretary of Education from Gavin Williamson last September, he was widely praised for his role as Vaccine Minister during the pandemic.

Secretary of Education Nadim Zahawi was appointed Prime Minister for the remodeling of the crisis(


Reuters / Peter Nicholls)

One source is at the top despite the emergence of a systematic coup to expel Johnson. Tory claimed he did not adjust his resignation.

Their departure can be fatal to the prime minister, who has been hit by a scandal.

Only 10 days ago, Johnson boasted that he was "thinking positively" about his third term.

Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak(



But tonight, his authority was shaken by the wave of departure. Some Tories chased Mr. Havid and Mr. Snack out the door.

Trade envoy Andrew Marison has announced that he will resign after exploding "rolling chaos" at the top of the government.

He said the other MPs "need to continue to enjoy your patronage with a sense of their personal dignity, honor and honesty, but I can't do it anymore." rice field.

Former Redwall Loyalist Jonathan Gullis resigned as Parliamentary Secretary of Northern Ireland SecretaryBrandon Lewis, saying the party was too focused on "addressing reputational risk" Stated.

Javid's PPSSaqib Bhatti has also resigned withGrant Shapps'PPS Nicola Richards and Tory Vice-Chair Bim Afolami.

Sajid Javid also resigned(


Tayfun Salci / ZUMA Press Wire / REX / Shutterstock)

When Tory tensions boiled, MP Anthony Brown announced that he had resubmitted a letter of distrust resolution to the Prime Minister, and further. Many letters were expected to follow.

Johnson was fighting the growing Tory anger after being informed of a complaint made against Pincher in 2019.

Downing Street admitted that Mr Johnson knew about the allegations of improper behavior, but claimed that he had forgotten it.

Shortly before his resignation began, the Prime Minister admitted that it was a "mistake" to appoint Mr. Pincher as Deputy Leader in February. In a letter posted on

Twitter, Javid said:

It is a "mistake" that the Prime Minister appointed Mr. Pincher as Deputy Leader in February shortly before his resignation began. I admitted it was (


POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

"So I am you It's very disappointing to say to me that I can no longer continue to serve in this government with goodwill. "

He said that the public" naturally expects honesty from the government. " We are doing it, "he added. Represent and reflect on your colleagues, your party, and ultimately the country.

With a knife twist, Mr. Havid said: Gree. It was a moment for humility, grip, and a new direction.

"But unfortunately, it's clear that this situation doesn't change under your leadership, so you've lost my confidence too."

Just A few minutes later, Snack broke the cover and posted his own resignation.

The Prime Minister said he had not decided to resign lightly because Britain is wrestling with the crisis of living expenses and the war in Ukraine

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