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New Prime Minister Nadim Zahawi becomes Minister of Vaccine

Nadim Zahawi, the newPrime Minister, became the first to become famous as the person who led the development of the vaccine during the coronavirus pandemic.

RecentlySecretary of Education, who succeeded early as Minister of Vaccines and helped lead the government's vaccine program after his appointment in November 2020.

Appointed Prime Minister's Time After Rishi Sunak's resignation, Zahawi is the government's biggest job to serve the embarrassedPrime Ministerin the worst living cost crisis of a generation. Will take on one of the.

He is also responsible for putting together an important fall budget as inflation bites. Born into aKurdish family in Iraq

, Zahawi came to England at the age of nine when his parents fled the Saddam Hussein administration.

Believed to be one of the wealthiest politicians in the Commonwealth House, he helped establish the polling company YouGov after studying chemical engineering at the University of London.

He often says that his own personal background has deeply influenced his view of Britain, a poet recently when he improved his English as a teenager. I talked about the debt that Philip Larkin owed.

Considered a "safe pair of hands," he was dismissed after Gavin Williamson, who became very unpopular with the masses of the exam during the Covid-19 pandemic. , Played the role of Secretary of Education.

His tenure in this position has been effortless and for the past few weeks he has been trying to forgo the possibility of a teacher strike. Pandemic.

Zahawi has become Minister of Secondary Education under Theresa May, but his loyalty to Boris Johnson has never been seriously shaken.

Labor Party Rachel Reeves, the new Prime Minister faces in the dispatch box, said the country needs leaders to act for the public good.

"It is clear that the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister are acting only within them," she said.

Mr. Zahawi, a member of Parliament for Stratford on Avon since 2010, has often emphasized his most famous member, William Shakespeare.

On Tuesday night, when he took on the role of prime minister, he decided to save Mr Johnson from the comedy of mistakes.