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The new report highlights the changing severity of Covid-19 and its impact on Scottish hospitals.

Public Health Scotland has released a new report investigating the changing severity ofCovid-19and its impact on Scottish hospitals. The report found that changing strains and mutants are now causing fewerhospitalizations.

This is expected followingScotland'songoingvaccine efforts, but PHS will make future Covid-19 policies and decisions. He emphasized the need to continue collecting data in order to provide information to Scotland. This is because different variants may require their own measures to limit the continued spread of the virus.

This is becauseCovid caseshave begun to surge again in Scotland. It is estimated that one in 18 people in Scotland was infected with Covid during the week leading up to June 24, according to a report last Friday. National Statistics (ONS) also estimated that approximately 288,200 people across the UK would test positive for Covid in the same week.

Dr. Nick Phin, Director of Public Health Sciences at Public Health Scotland, said: Our monitoring and data systems also need to continue to adapt and evolve.

"Each new variant has unique characteristics that need to be understood in order to make appropriate recommendations and take action. It saves lives from the potential risk of illness."

Some important points highlighted in the report are:

  • From March to June 2020, 94% of deaths with a positive COVID-19 result are caused by the virus. From January to April 2022, this decreased to 43%.
  • The number of people admitted to the ICU for a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 disease has decreased from more than 80% in the early stages of the pandemic to 29% since January 1, 2022. The 19 infections in the emergency hospitalization community from persons with
  • Covid decreased from 78% in the week until November 7, 2021 to 59% in the week until May 1, 2022. According to the

report, some data collections are "problematic". Hospital and ICU admissions and Covid-19-related mortality appear to be significantly reduced in Scotland, depending on how the number of cases is counted on a particular dataset.

Dr. Phin said: .. However, the need to reassess and invest in the most appropriate means of collecting information about the virus has emerged.

"We hope that the recommendations contained in the report will help us in our future approach to reporting and monitoring COVID-19, which will make our data more robust than ever. The full report by

Public HealthScotlandcan be read here.

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