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Nikola Sturgeon claims that Boris Johnson "should never have been elected" as the Prime Minister was to resign.

Nikola Sturgeon argues that Boris Johnson should not have been elected after it was reported that the Prime Minister would finally announce that he would leave Downing Street. Did.

Conservative leader authoritythis weekafter his own dozens of MPs quit government jobs to make him absent} Evaporated.

Johnson will issue a statement later today to confirm that he will remain prime minister until Tory lawmakers choose a new leader.

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But Sturgeon is Westminster Claimed to "run much deeper" than one individual. The alleged independence provided a "real and permanent alternative."

The SNP leader said: Far from ideal, and certainly not sustainable? But the problem is much more serious than one individual. The Westminster system is broken.

"The democratic deficit inherent in the Westminster government will not be corrected by the change of prime minister. No alternative Prime Minister Tory will be elected in Scotland.

"And from a policy perspective, it's hard to understand the real difference that Hardbrexit in support of the Labor Party makes.

"Independence only occurs if the majority of Scottish people choose it, but it is a true permanent alternative to Westminster and our potential at home. There is no doubt that it will provide an opportunity to exercise sex and fulfill our role as a good one. Global citizens. That is the time of choice. "

Johnson was the second on Scottish independence last night. I wrote a letter to Sturgeon to reject the request of Referendum.

In a letter shared by Sturgeon, Johnson wrote: } "We cannot agree that it is time to return to the clearly answered questions of the Scottish people in 2014, as we face unprecedented challenges at home and abroad."

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