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"No10 finally and lately saw a black cloud approaching-obviously it's too late."

Boris Johnsonhas never enjoyed a weekly Commons Tea Room round to enhance post-PMQ support. The king of the world does not have to open a courtroom on his subject.

So the fact that he was there yesterday indicates that No10 finally and later saw a black cloud approaching.

Obviously it was too late, and last night a storm struck the prime minister's head, putting him in the greatest crisis ever.

But last week, when he returned from an eight-day foreign excursion Thursday night and faced the shame of Crispincher and the news of his resignation as Deputy Chief Whip, the sky darkened. started.

The finalnight allegations that Pincher groped for two men at the Carlton Club, and the treatment of the Downing Street scandal are ready to seal the prime minister's fate. It looked like.

Former British Minister of Health SajidJavid (


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Just after Mr. Johnson's plane landed at Stanstead Airport, Rwanda and Spain in Germany.

While "A *** Pincher" voluntarily quits his whip office, Mr Johnson could kick him out of the party and trigger yet another by-election. I ridiculed.

On Friday, a shameful session of daily lobby questions with the Prime Minister's spokesman (in this case, the Deputy Official Spokesperson) took place. When the Prime Minister appointed him as Deputy Leader in February, he told journalists that he "did not know a particular claim" to Pincher.

It soon became clear that this wasn't just true. But on Sunday, Labor Pension Minister Therese Coffey was dispatched to protect the defenseless in a series of intolerable interviews.

She repeated the line that the Prime Minister did not know about the "specific claim" and added, "I don't think he was aware. That's what I was told today."

Distribution photo of a letter sent by Minister of Health Sazid Javid to Prime Minister Boris Johnson(


Letter Photo Minister of Finance Rishi Snack (



Then Monday's Junior Will -Minister Quince was sent to a broadcast studio to disrupt the party's lines. The MP elected in 2015 had a hard time distinguishing what he felt personally from what he was told.

When it became clear that Mr Johnson was fully aware of Pincher's accusations and decided that it was not enough to stop his appointment to a major role in Downing Street. The position has changed.

Pincher resigned from the Whips office in 2017 after accusing former Olympic rowers and Tory activists of making undesired sexual passes. Tory investigations have wiped out his misconduct.

Further allegations continued that year and the following year, but he was reappointed as Deputy Leader in 2018 by then-Prime Minister Theresa May.

Far from being unaware of such allegations, the Prime Minister is alleged to have spoken of "pinchers by name, essentially pinchers."

Johnson was well aware that the pincher had been accused, and it became clear that he had it. When the location of Downing Street shifted, it was determined that stopping his appointment to a major role was not enough(


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By Monday, the official line from No10 acknowledged that the Prime Minister was aware of the allegations that he had "resolved or did not proceed to a formal complaint." I came to admit it.

Later, Sir Simon McDonald, the highest civil servant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, argued that the original No10 account was "not true" and that the Prime Minister was "directly" briefed. Downing Street has changed to claim that the Prime Minister simply forgot.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis told the MP:

"As soon as he was remembered, the No10 press office fixed their public line."

Johnson lied to his aides about the situation. Denied.

Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (



However, if you look at the video of the Cabinet meeting at 9 am yesterday, you can see that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is intentionally physically separated from the Prime Minister.

But no one spoke, and they were treated by the strange sight of the Prime Minister, who continued as usual.

It was after this meeting that he went to the tea room and desperately invited loyalists to his Commons office for a drink to guarantee their support. In fact, it was too late. Yesterday, Tory Prime Minister William Ulag said his ministers should consider how ready they are to continue to support the Prime Minister.

He told Commons: "Ask them to consider whether they can no longer be tolerated as members of a government that is widely regarded as disoriented, for better or for worse."

Federal Leaders in Rwanda It was all clear to those traveling with him that he was glorified at the conference, the G7 Summit in Bavaria, and his attention-grabbing tour on the world stage at NATO in Madrid. He wasn't on his way to go home.

While he was abroad, Downing Street only shrugged his problematic leadership question as a "Westminster bubble" question. But last night, a few seconds after the Prime Minister was seen on television trying to justify his reaction to the latest scandal, Health Minister Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fell dramatically to their swords.

Today, Mr Johnson's political life is in a balanced state. And he has no one else responsible.

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