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‘Normal People mugged us off’ claims The Young Offenders star as he’s accused of copying Paul Mescal

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THE Young Offenders' Chris Walley has claimed Normal People 'mugged us off' after he was accused of copying Paul Mescal's style.

Paul, 24, won a legion of fans for his role as Connell in the hit BBC drama, with many of them becoming equally obsessed with the chain he wears on screen.

However Chris - who plays Jock O'Keeffe in the Irish BBC Three comedy - has been left unamused by accusations he has copied Paul by wearing a chain.

Speaking to the Radio Times, he said: "I’m so pleased for the Normal People guys, especially Paul Mescal."

He added jokingly: "Although everyone’s gone wild for the chain he wears, and we’ve been rocking chains for years! Normal People mugged us off.

"Now when I put on a chain people go, ‘Oh, are you trying to be like Paul?’”

Chris and his chain will be back on screens soon as The Young Offenders returns for a third season.

It will see Conor (Alex Murphy) and Jock continue to try and navigate their awkward teenage years, but this time with a baby in tow.

Creator Peter Foote said recently: "We really hope viewers enjoy this third series which we are very proud of.

"Given that it has been a very difficult time for so many over the last few months, we hope that the series will bring a smile to our audiences faces when it’s most needed.

"The whole team are really excited to have everyone see the new series, it was a labour of love for all our amazing cast and crew."

Meanwhile Paul has starred in a new trailer for thriller The Deceived.

To read more of Chris' interview head to or pick up a copy of this week's magazine.

The Young Offenders returns to RTE for third season at end of July as trailer released

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