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People are only just realizing there’s a hidden part of your washing machine you need to clean four times a year

WASHING machines make doing laundry a lot easier, but they need cleaning every so often too.

A home expert demonstrated how to clean a hidden part of your washing machine, and prolong it's lifespan.

Instagram user Babs, who runs the account Brunch With Babs, revealed the hidden part of your washing machine you need to cleaning every few months.

The home expert challenged her followers to locate the filter in their washing machines.

"If you don’t know where [you washing machine filter] is, you might be in trouble because you’re supposed to clean it up to four times a year," Babs told viewers.

She gave a demonstration of how to remove the filter and clean it thoroughly.

"Mine’s in the front of my machine. I’m just going to open up this little door and there’s the filter. I have a towel and I have a bowl," Babs said.

As the Instagrammer removed the filter, water poured out of the machine so be sure to place your bowl carefully underneath.

After rinsing your filter in warm water, check behind it for any items such as rogue socks.

Babs sprayed some white vinegar on her cloth and used it to tackle the grime on the machine.

She explained: "Just wipe out the filter compartment. Just because it’s pretty bad. So after it’s dry, just take your filter and give it a nice twist to make sure it’s in tightly."

After replacing the cover, you won't need to worry about your machine's filter for another few months.

Babs concluded: "That took all of five minutes but it’s really going to extend the life of your machine, and you’re going to have much nicer laundry."

"So it’s not true! The dryer doesn’t eat the socks…the washer does!" joked one viewer.

Another follower said: "WHAT???!!! I’m today years old and just learning this!!! Wow!!"

"I dread to think what's in our washer, as we're renting 'til we find a house," commented a third person.