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Pink-obsessed woman shows off 7ft bow-covered Christmas tree – with decorations from B&M, Home Bargains & The Range

RED and green have become traditional colours for Christmas, but this woman much prefers the colour pink.

Laura Kenney, 36, loves the colour pink so much she didn’t want a traditional tree so decided to create a show stopping pink tree - and managed to spend just £40 on the decorations.

Proving cost does not have to trump quality, Laura said: “I am over the moon with my tree."

Laura shopped at ebay, B&M, Home Bargains & The Range to get her desired decoration at a bargain price.

Laura Kenney, 36, a receptionist from Carlisle, bought a discounted Christmas tree from Very at £70, reduced from £129.99 and spent £40 on decorations from ebay, B&M, Home Bargains & The Range. 


Laura says her tree should have cost double, so is thrilled with the bargain look she managed to pull off.

Laura told "I started doing mine and my family's trees a couple of years back, and I love thinking of different ideas to do them with different colours and styles.

She said: “I take pride in making things and turning plain things into something amazing.

“I wanted something different from a traditional Christmas tree.

"I love the colour pink. It's my favourite colour - my house is almost all pink.

“I purchased some pink 29cm wide organza ribbon off ebay and I thought I would see how I could put it on my tree so I started experimenting and ta-da! It all came into place. 

Laura just moved into her new home this year so really wanted something that stands out.

She said: "I found the perfect tree from Very which my partner bought me. It’s a seven-foot snow effect tree and it’s amazing!"

Laura lives in Carlisle but likes to travel to the Penrith Home Bargains as it is bigger and better.

Her sister joined her for a trip there in early December to pick up all their decorations.

Talking through her choices, Laura said: "I already had some bows and blush pink from last year's tree, so I added silver this year. 

“I added white butterflies and little deers which I bought ribbon for and made little necklaces. 

She got her little silver ribbon from B&M, where she bought three wheels for £5, so 6 metres.  To fill out her tree she cut the ribbons up and threaded them through the tree branches.

Laura's white butterflies are from The Range and were only £1.99.

She got her big grey silver flowers from Amazon, where they were £14.99 for six. 

“The silver feathers were great value and cost £3 for eight from B&M." She shared.

Just in case one tree was not enough, Laura bought two little pink glitter trees from B&M for £2 each too.

For the top of her tree, Laura bought flowers and weaved them in to make an arch over her dominatingly large pink bow.

To give the illusion of little elves having visited, Laura placed: "Under my tree, I have some little bling pink boots which I got from Home Bargains at £1.99 each. 

She didn't buy everything new, as Laura reused some white lanterns which she uses all year, but she managed to make them Christmassy with some battery powered lights.

"My tree was £70 reduced from £129.99, and my tree decorations all in were under £40 as I started buying them in the sales, so it cost me less than £110 in total.”

Laura is thrilled with the outcome of her tree and says you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the same look as her. 

"I sit on a night and admire it all cosy and look and think to myself ‘wow, I did that!" She admitted.

"I feel brilliant because in all, it should have cost more than double that cost and I feel I have created a bargain.

“My friends on social media all loved my designs and were all messaging me to do their trees.

"To keep the costs down, I would go for cheap things and make them look expensive.

Her top tips to do the same at home were: “Add ribbon that costs next to nothing to bling things up, and also shop early to get the best deals, as the closer it gets to Christmas, the more the cheaper decorations are all sold out.” 

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