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Raul, Carlos Tevez, Xabi Alonso-Next Generation Former Soccer Player in Doug Out

It's been about seven years since Raul played his last professional football match, but the legend ofReal Madridis that he's moving upwards. Since then, I've been working hard for years. Coaching ladder.

After scoring more than 300 times in Los Blancos and a few more times in Germany, Qatar and the United States, Raul cut his boots after finishing a stint at the New York Cosmos in 2015. , He was welcomed as a manager in charge of the "Castile" team in Madrid. This is the second string team that prepared the current first team Lucas Vazquez and Nacho for the first team soccer.

Raul's growth led him to work in Europe's top leagues, andEintracht Frankfurt before the final Europa League winner Oliver Glasner settled { It is reported that they are considering the movement of 10}. Madrid himself was said to be open to promoting the Spaniards to the mission of the first teamand eventually chose Carlo Ancelotti, but Raul was the future manager of the European champion. Many people consider it to be.

"We need more experience and Raul takes it every year," club president Florentino Perez told Onda Selo after the appointment of Ancelotti. Said (viaMadrid's Managing). It happens — he has all the qualities you need to coach Real Madrid.

Former manager Jorge Valdano, who was in the dugout when Raul broke through as a player, also appreciates the former Spain national team. Raul himselfclaimed that he lived "now", but still saw him as Bernabeu's future boss, stopping outsiders and insiders alike. not.

"Raul manages Castile's youngest team," Valdano told Lagarelna in 2021 (viaFanSided). He grabs Miguel Gutierrez and makes him a man. With Antonio. same. Marvin. Man.

"Men have been made with incredible levels of demand. It's getting harder and harder to convey those values ​​to today's boys, and Raul does it.

Raul got a lot of attention in Real Madrid Castilla(


Angel Martinez / Getty Images)

45-year-old Raul is taking the time to establish his position as a manager. The next wave of former players trying to establish management status. Here we will look at the players thatmirror footballis beginning to influence.

Carlos Tevez

FormerManchester UnitedandManchester CityStar Tevez has only confirmed his retirement this year However, we have already taken the first step toward management. Argentina national teamhas been taken over by Rosario. Centralsigns a first 12-month contract with Lionel Messi's home team.

"I have the same butterflies in my stomach as I played," Tevez told me.Before being confirmed by the role. "My team is going to play like I feel football.

I think I can help many boys integrate them into football. To me They will listen to me because there is a way to see life. That is most important. Off the pitch, it must be comprehensive. "

Tevez embarked on a business journey with Rosario Central(


Getty Image)

Tevez, along with Sebastian Battalia, is not the only former Argentine International managed by the country's top divisions such as Fernando Gago. If the team can immediately influence Rosario, who finished 16th last season, there could be even more opportunities.

Xabi Alonso

Alonso, who turned 40 at the end of last year, is a few years behind Raul's business development. But like his compatriots, the formerLiverpoolmidfielder started coaching. Another side and spare side of his previous club.

Born in the Basque Country, Alonso passed the ranks in Real Sociedad before moving to England in his early twenties. After finishing his play in Bayern Munich in 2017, he returned to La Real to take charge of the youth team before moving to the "B" team and resigning this summer.

Alonso is Real Sociedad B (


} Via Reuters

"It's been three years since I returned to Real Sociedad," Alonso wrote inInstagram(translated by {). ) 131} Football Espana) After announcing plans to leave his role. "Thanks to Jokin, Roberto, the staff, and all the players who helped us improve and enjoy this fierce adventure. Aupa Sanse and Aupa Real."

Marco Rose joins the club When he left, Alonso was deeply connected to Borussia Mönchengladbach and instead chose to extend his mission to Real Sociedad B. And his first top-level opportunity is certainly not too far away.

Ruud van Nistelrooy

Another player at Real Madrid's CV, Van Nistelrooy, teamed up with Raul on the front line of Los Blancos. I spent a short time with the same team as Alonso. The 45-year-old Dutch is in his first senior management position after years of spending years in assistant, youth, or reserve team roles.

PSV has promoted Van Nistelrooy to a first team mission (


Hans van Nistelwald / BSR Agency / Getty Images)

Former Manchester United man PSV Eindhoven before moving to Old Trafford Spent time on Fen's book, last season's "John PSV" side. Now, after Roger Schmidt's departure, the former strikerwas promoted to head coach of the first team

"Being a PSV head coach has always been my dream." Tells the Eredivisie Club'swebsite: Originally I thought I needed another year to gain experience. But sometimes things go well and you find that life is completely out of control. This is a good moment to take the next step.

Van Nistelrooy is a former Manchester United and Dutch striker, not the only striker to have a long career in management. , Former club Feyenoord,declined the opportunity to join Eric Tenhug's coaching team at Old Trafford

Wayne Rooney

Manchester's Van Nistelrooy and Van Persie's former teammate and former English striker Rooney have made an impressive start to their life as a manager. -The role of the manager before leaving the job to concentrate on the work at the dugout.

Looney is preparing to move after leaving Derby County(

) Image:


Looney kept Derby in the championship in the first season, overcoming off-field distractions and surviving with a single point I did. However, after deducting a large amount of points in his previous semester, he was unable to repeat the trick from 2021 to 22.

FormerEvertonand DC United players announced their departure from Pride Park this summer and were linked to the work of thePremier Leaguesooner or later. .. He previously talked about his desire to manage one of the top clubs before,, but that may have to wait.

"The co-administrator was very disappointed that Wayne made the difficult decision to leave the club and spent time today convincing him to stay, but went. I understand why I want to. "A spokesperson representing Derby's co-administrator is very grateful for his wonderful work in the face of the harsh field environment of the 2021/22 season. Admires the way he has led the team. Clubs and communities through various off-field issues.

Vincent Kompany

Burnley is the second manager of the company. This is my first job in England (



Although Kompany is a few months younger than Rooney He is already in his second managerial position since he quit playing in 2020. He began and ended his career with Anderlecht. In his hometown of Belgium, he was handed a rein to management after playing at the club.

In two seasons under the control of a former defender, Anderlecht finishes in 4th and 3rd place, giving him the chance to reach the Europa Conference League group stage next year. But under the companion it doesn't happen. Former Manchester City captain has chosen to take on the job of a vacant manager atBurnley

. Taking on the job, thecompanion pulls the emphasis away from thecity boss, Pep Guardiola. "He's a great coach, but I'm only 36 and have three years of valuable experience as a manager," he said.

"That's why I'm participating in this project at the right time. I'm very respectful, there's something in your blood that never disappears. But I don't need anyone to tell me how good it is. I didn't really care, so I was a player. "

The company may be managed by other members of the so-called "golden generation" of Belgium. As reported byReutersin May, Kevin De Bruyne and Jan Vertonghen now and earlier receive coaching badges after two years of training in their own FA. One of the international.

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