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Relationship coach reveals how an ‘imaginary person’ helps save their marriage – and others agree it works

MARRAIGE isn't always a walk in the park and sometimes couples need a little helping hand to ensure home life runs as smooth as possible.

And blaming your significant other for things that may or may not be their fault is a surefire way to land yourself in hot water, but this relationship coach has a solution.

Tara Blair Ball, from the US, shared the advice in a TikTok video which has racked up almost eight million views.

She revealed that she and her husband blame the small stuff on an imaginary person to avoid fighting with one another.

Their scapegoat's name is 'Rick' and whenever something goes wrong, they insist it was Rick's fault - rather than pointing a finger at each other.

While it might seem odd, Tara reckons it's saved her marriage and others tend to agree.

"What this does is bring levity and humour to a relationship. Which is what we all need, right?" Tara explained.

For example, the couple blame 'Rick' when a bill isn't paid or if the laundry doesn't get done.

Tara continued: "'Rick' is our scapegoat. But you know what's great? We don't scapegoat each other because of him.

The benefit of using a scapegoat - the term used to describe a person who is blamed for mistakes or faults of others - is that they are reminded not to turn on each other as they are a team.

It also encourages the couple to work together to resolve issues, instead of against each other, which in turn strengthens their relationship.

What's more, the problem-solving method also brings humour to the relationship and prevents smaller issues from becoming too stressful.

Surprisingly, Tara isn't the only one who uses an imaginary friend in her marriage as thousands of commenters admitted they do it too.

"We do this but we blame the cat," one person wrote.

While another woman admitted that "Casper" the household ghost is to blame for all th problems she and her husband face.e

Another added: "My husband and I do this but with stuff that goes missing, we blame it on the gremlin in the closet."

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