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Viewers of Remarkable Renovations blame "moronic" homes.

GEORGE Clarke's Remarkable Renovations viewers blamed the "moronic" home and were furious about safety issues.

ArchitectGeorgemeets people who breathe new life into unused and unloved buildings and transform local landmarks into unique family homes celebrating the past. ..

In an episode on Wednesday, pig farmer Paul and his wife Imogen were in a dilapidated abandoned building, including a pub, butcher, bakery, and meat processing plant in the town of Fulhamlingham, Saffolk. Got the collection.

The pair had an ambitious plan to restore the grade II building and add the latest glazed within 12 months.

However, after a long delay and spectacular costs, the couple was able to completely overhaul the building in two years.

Their budget was £ 200,000, but in the end they paid a total of £ 300,000.

However, viewers were surprised that the property passed control of the building-no banister on any of the stairs and a pair of external handles on the curved bedroom door at the top. ..

One person said, "I don't know how this house went through the management of the building. #RemarkableRenovations # GeorgeClarke # Channel4"

Another post: "Every staircase in a banister No. # George Clarke "

Third comment:" It's a potential death trap. "

" One flight on the stairs is not compliant. In a curved bedroom There is no balcony on the door, "says the fourth tweet.

Another confused viewer asked, "Why is there an external handle on the curved glass sliding door at the top? Moronic. # GeorgeClarke # remarkablerenovations"

Someone else Comparing the conversion with GP surgery, he wrote: "Looks like my doctor's surgery #RemarkableRenovations"

Another simple question: "What is it? #RemarkableRenovations"

The refurbished facility is a secret Library with doors and windows, curved glass extension, game room and new kitchen, old meat processing plant living room and dining room.

Paul and Imogen said they were obsessed with the results and were proud to save the Grade II building.

"It's nice, only when someone I've never met passes by and" looks good "and" thank you ".

"We are doing it for us, but we are also doing it for the building."

Imogen added: