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Review: Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema, Namivia

On the banks of a river in a dense tropical forest, Sera Cafema is an exceptional place in a safari lodge focused on the desert of Namivia. There is no shortage of deserts here either-spend enough time to explore it during your stay-but this remote wilderness safari camp also offers another world. The Kunene River, which runs directly in front of the lodge, fuels the narrow belts of this dry land.

Serra Cafema, Namibia
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Where is it? mosquito.

Serra Cafema is located in Khao Koland, on the northwestern tip of Namivia, overlooking the border with Angola. Given the sandy road conditions and the difficulty of navigating a network of unmarked trucks, reaching the lodge by car or 4x4 is impractical, so almost all guests arrive by plane ( It takes about 3 hours or more from Windhook International Airport) (if stopped halfway). 


The immediate vicinity of the camp is lush with tall trees, thick bushes and a large bed of reeds. However, the nutritional effects of the river are very local. On the Angoran side, the granite mountains rise almost directly from the surface of the water. Namivia's banks are a bit large, at some point extending to the plains of grassy floods. But beyond that, the desert is in charge again. There are also rocky dew here, but huge sand dunes and vast sand plains dominate the landscape.

Serra Cafema, Namibia
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Activity and Game Drive

Wilderness Safaris, Serra It is based on various activities at Cafema, many of which are unique to this location. As long as the water levels are high enough, these include riverside trips on small motorboats, offering a whole new perspective on the landscape. Mountains and dunes look high and valleys look deep, but they are even more lush. In many places, lush grass and shrubs rise above head height, turning riverbanks into impenetrable walls. 

Boat on the Kunene river, Serra Cafema
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River cruises are also a great opportunity to see the wildlife as well as the many species of birds (greenback and goliath) that gather along the river. There are crocodile, African fish eagle, kawasemi, Madagascar bee eater, Cinderella's Waxville, etc.), as well as crocodile swimming beside the boat and Baboon to keep an eye on the rocks. Depending on the water level, the cruise may end at Sundowner in Angola. This is an excursion to another foreign coast without a passport (preferably without a crocodile).

Kunene river, Serra Cafema
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From the boat Having seen the surrounding landscape, there is no doubt that you will want to go outside and explore nearby. With a quad bike, you can get the farthest and deepest with a track that exceeds the 4x4 capacity of the camp. But a more laid-back approach is to drive through the dunes and into one of the giant granite outcrops in the morning. You can climb to get a panoramic view of the sand dunes. Then use it in the shade while you stop by for coffee or light meals. 

Serra Cafema, Namibia
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The last unique experience at Sera Cafema is a visit to the village of Himba, the hometown of Namibia's last nomads. Women who live in a collection of semi-permanent houses on either side of the Kunene River spend more time away from their homes looking for livestock pastures and visiting other villages. Cultural visits can feel awkward or even exploitative if not handled well, but Wilderness Safari has established a thoughtful approach. At Serra Cafema, guides have personal connections with specific Himba families and can be translated in a meaningful way between guests and their hosts. Wilderness Safaris also provide safe drinking water to some Himba villages and have recently helped establish clinics in the area.

Himba woman, Serra Cafema
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Accommodation And meals

Beautiful camp Sera Cafe Ma makes the most of the frontage of the river. Its eight cabins, restaurants, bars and libraries are all located on elevated wood decks connected by winding stilt walkways that weave through the trees. You are always surrounded by the sounds of the river, the wind of the leaves and the chirping of birds. All of these contribute to the peaceful atmosphere of Sera Cafe Ma.

Serra Cafema, Namibia
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Especially that Food is impressive given the complex logistics associated with such remote supply. In addition to three daily ala carte meals, you'll enjoy not only the essential afternoon tea, but also bonus activities such as pre-dinner wine and cheese tasting. The food is fresh and skillfully cooked and contains a wide variety of meats, fish and vegetables. Meals are served at individual tables.

When to go

The high season in Namibia is the winter season (May-September) when the daytime temperatures are a little cooler. If you are willing to withstand the heat and occasional thunderstorms, prices will be significantly lower during the summer. Most activities are unaffected by the weather (the water level of the Kunene River depends more on the hydropower plant upstream of Angola than on local rainfall).

Prices and Bookings

Serra Cafema (Available from January to March 2023) Off-peak rates are around £ per person per night It starts from 765. About sharing with two people. Room rates include food, drinks and most activities. Round-trip flights to the lodge are not included. This lodge is part of Wilderness Safari'sNatural Wonders of Namibiaitinerary. Alternatively, you can include it in your bespoke trip. ContactWildernessSafarisfor more information. Flights to Windhoek are available from around £ 700 on Lufthansa (via Frankfurt) or Qatar Airways (via Doha).

Quad bikes at Serra Cafema, Namibia
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