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Rishi says Boris has ignored all his calls since he resigned from cabinet

Rishi SunakBoris Johnson's underdog would-be successor has had a bad relationship since he stepped down. I made it clear that I am not optimisticCabinet.

Mr Johnson now refuses to answer every call, according to a former prime minister. I attended a rally hosted by The Daily Telegraph last night alongside my biggest rival, Liz Truss, who is fighting to become one.

Her deputy editor, Camilla Tominey, asked if Rishi had spoken to Boris since he resigned.

He revealed: "I messaged and called, but of course he did not answer my calls."

21} Nadine Dorries accused him of being a traitor.

Former Health Secretary Sajid He alongside Javid, Sunak, wrote a scathing resignation in July,Chris pinchers He no longer trusts the prime minister due to scandalsaid no.

Mr. Pincher was appointed by the government as deputy chief whip at the end of June after assaulting two of his guests the night before at the Carlton, a Tory private member's institution in London. resigned.

At first Mr Johnson and Downing Street said they were unaware of "certain allegations" about Mr Pincher when he was appointed to the whip's office, but soon Boris

A disgraceful number of ministers subsequently Following in the footsteps of Sunak, Johnson was forced to resign. Mr. Javid resigned.

More recently, the Tories have been criticized for their blue-on-blue battle, with both leadership candidates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak questioning how they would help people with their living expenses. Refusing to provide specific details. crisis.

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