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Russia has a cynical reaction to Boris' resignation, saying, "We don't like him."

Russiais sad to see Boris Johnson go toNo. When asked about the impending resignation of the Prime Minister, Kremlin's spokesperson simply said, "We don't like him."

In a media call this morning, Dmitry Peskov said: "He (Johnson) doesn't like us. We don't like him either."

He added that the report of the termination of Tory's leader Prime Minister had little interest in Vladimir Putin and his government.

Johnson was accused of processing allegations against Chris Pincher, following many other Tory scandals.

However, the MP who turned him on in his last few hours still praised his record of providing assistance to Ukraine after the devastating Russian invasion.

Significant events leading to Boris Johnson's resignation

The news that Boris Johnson will resign as Prime Minister is turbulent. In British politics that will continue in a few days.

After surviving the distrust vote in June, the government's handling of the Crispincher scandal marked the end of Mr Johnson's tenure.

Here is a summary of the major events that led us here.

Monday, July 4

Downing Street is concerned about his actions when Johnson makes Pincher the deputy chief. I confirmed that I was aware of. His spokesperson later knew about the "speculation" surrounding MP, but admitted that "there were no formal complaints at the time."

Tuesday, July 5

  • Sir Simon McDonald, a former permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, claims that Johnson was "directly" briefed. Announced a letter of bombing about a formal complaint about Mr. Pincher.
  • 12.30pm: Workers were given an urgent question in parliament to deal with the pincher scandal and what the Prime Minister knew.
  • Tory members are lining up at the Commons' house to publicly condemn Mr Johnson's handling of the case.
  • 1:00 pm: Downing Street said Johnson had forgotten that Pincher was said to be the subject of an official complaint.
  • Tory's back venture begins publicly calling for Johnson's resignation.
  • Just before 6pm: Johnson was forced to apologize for handling the pincher scandal.
  • At 6:02 pm, Sajid Havid resigned from the Secretary of Health, saying that the British people "expect the government to be honest."
  • 6.11pm: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak resigns.
  • A stable flow of resentment begins.
  • 9.40pm: Nadhim Zahawi becomes Prime Minister, Michelle Donelan becomes Education Secretary, and Steve Barclay becomes Health Secretary.

Wednesday, July 6

  • 8.25am: Quiths that day while back ventures such as Lee Anderson and Robert Halfon withdraw publicly Resign as the first minister of. Johnson's support.
  • 12pm: Johnson opposes the call to resign during the PMQ because of the "huge mission" of 2019. He vows to continue.
  • 2.25pm: Ministers Kemi Badenoch, Julia Lopez, Mims Davies, Lee Rowley, Neil O'Brien and Alex Burghart announced their resignation in a group letter and called on them to go to the Prime Minister.
  • 2.40pm: Daily Mail reports that Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has said he must resign as Prime Minister.
  • 3:00 pm: In the midst of the turmoil, the Prime Minister appears in front of the Liaison Committee to answer questions about how to handle the pincher case.
  • A delegation of ministers, including some of Mr Johnson's longtime allies, meets him to encourage him to resign.
  • 8:15 pm: Mr Johnson declined the call to resign after meeting with the Minister.
  • 9 pm: Johnson dismisses Michael Gove as Level Up, Community and Housing Secretary.
  • 10:30 pm Simon Hart resigns from Wales Secretary.
  • 11:00 pm: Justice Secretary Suera Braverman says it's time for the Prime Minister to "go."

Thursday, July 7

  • The Tory Party continued to escape, with 27 resignations submitted by 9am and 5 in the Cabinet. Level, 22 cases were below the cabinet level.
  • Among them are Secretary Brandon Lewis of Northern Ireland and the newly appointed Secretary of Education Michel Donneran.
  • Nadhim Zahawi has issued a ferocious public letter asking the Prime Minister to resign.
  • After 9am, the news that Mr Johnson agreed to resign as British Prime Minister was cut off.

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