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Ryan Giggs' attorney accuses ex of 'outright lying' over 'rough sex' bruise

Ryan Giggs' attorney has accused former partner Kate Greville of telling a "complete lie" about what caused the former Manchester United star's alleged assault bruising. It was the result of "rough sex."

When Ms. Greville, a PR executive, was cross-examined by her attorney, Chris Daw QC, when answering questions about an alleged incident in a Dubai hotel room in 2017, she said: shed tears on the witness stand.

Giggs, 48, was charged with assaulting Greville and her sister, Emma Greville, on November 1, 2020, and has been charged since 2017. He is accused of controlling and coercive action over Kate Greville.

He denies all accusations.

Ryan Giggs arriving before his third day of assault trial. (



Yesterday, 36-year-old Greville said in court that he was "naked and dragged." In 2017, he left his room in Dubai and walked out into the hallway after an altercation after suspecting Giggs was texting another woman. 28} But Mr. Daw today claimed Giggs had been texting his daughter and asked Ms. Greville about the bruises she received in the alleged assault. Referring to a historic message, he said Ms. Greville showed business partner Elsa Rootto the bruise and said in a subsequent message that it was the result of "rough sex." Asked why he didn't mention the assault, Mr Greville said he was "embarrassed and didn't want to admit it".

Mr. Doe said: "That's a complete lie, isn't it? It was the kind of bruises you both enjoyed so much, caused by rough sex."

The witness later sent Giggs a message.



Kate Greville/Twitter)


Kate Greville/Twitter)

The defense barrister then noted that Mr. Greville sent Giggs a picture of himself in front of a mirror just days after the alleged assault.

"Are there signs of bruising?" asked Mr. Daw. Mr. Greville replied, "No, but it's not a clear picture."

Doe said: The truth is you've been bruised from sex at times, Greville said she can't remember.

Mr. Greville previously claimed he was "a slave to all his needs and demands" and revealed that he was too busy to pay attention to the media coverage of the trial. I made it old baby to take care of.

Behind the courtroom screen, Ms. Greville said: He made me feel like I had to do everything he said or there would be consequences.

Kate Greville's police interview will take place in court on Tuesday.

When asked about an alleged incident in Dubai in 2017, Greville, 36, claimed she was "dragged naked."

Ms. Greville said she had a strong interest in psychology and readHow to win friends and impact people, she told the court: rice field. She investigated Giggs' behavior and believed he had "narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse." It was the same. If Giggs was regularly violent towards her, Ms. Greville replied: "It wasn't every time he was violent. But he was regularly aggressive." It wasn't consistent violence, but there were times in our relationship when he was violent."

Regarding the start of his relationship with Giggs in 2014, Greville said: Mr. Giggs and Mr. Greville were in an unhappy marriage when they first met, but "in the first place" Mr. Giggs was kind and loving towards her. Ms. Giggs said that during the relationship, Giggs "damaged relationships with friends," "isolated me from certain people," and "interfered with various elements" of her life.

he was kind Overall, yes abusive intervention and terrible for me. But towards the end of the relationship, he was almost relentlessly terrible.

Ms. Greville said she would "absolutely not" seek compensation after the incident.

The trial will continue.