A hilarious Scots schoolboy who transformed into Nicola Sturgeon for Halloween got the seal of approval from the First Minister herself.

The seven-year-old from North Lanarkshire donned his finest wig, heels and purple dress, complete with poppy badge, to dress up as the Ms Sturgeon for Halloween.

In a short clip, the funnyman has a go at Scots comedian, Janey Godley's side-splitting voice overs of the coronavirus daily briefings that have gone down a storm wordwide.

The youngster had the First Minister's attire down to a tee.

Picking the best lines from Janey's videos, he says to the camera: "Ye were telt, stay in the hoose.

"Nae parties, save lives.

"Uch ma feet are killin' me.

"Where's ma clicky pen?

"Frank, get the door.

"I want a haggis supper, and make sure it's deep fried."

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said he was a 'wee star'.

Ms Sturgeon shared the video on Twitter after she was left delighted at the young impersonator's Halloween costume.

She wrote: Thank you Alyson Welsh.

"This has made me smile and given me a much needed laugh this morning.

"What a wee star.

"I think we might draft him in for the daily briefings."

Janey Godley spotted the video clip too.

The amazing sketch didn't go unnoticed by the original voice over queen, Janey.

She responded to the video on Twitter: "He's great."

Alyson's clip has been shared over 3,000 times in less than one hour.

She wrote: "Our 7 year old son asked to be Nicola for Hallowe’en.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all."