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A secret trick used by Ryan Air pilots when passengers are acting violently in flight


Ryanair pilots reveal clever tricks to use from time to time I made it to deal with difficult or wild passengers on an airplane.

Although it is rare for travelers to havetrouble on board, crew members may need to intervene to calm people.

To avoid harm in dealing with such passengers,flight attendantshave a credible and clever trick.

All passengers need to return to their seats by asking the pilot to turn on theseatbelt sign and suggesting that there may be eddy. I have.

This causes theviolent individualto return to the seat and fasten the belt until the lights are considered safe enough to turn off again.

This trick was revealed by a Ryanair pilot. A Ryanair pilot toldMillerto help prevent attendants from worrying when they were at work.

The pilot said: You can relax.

This tactic was supported by a flight attendant labeled "ArtificialEddy".

They added: "We call it our artificialturbulence, and yes, it happens. It. There was a flight that was out of service with the passengers because of no manners. "

One drunkardtook off his pantsbefore takeoff and then Ryanair. Removed from the flight.

The other washandcuffedand marched from the plane when he inhaled the vapor.

Ryanair's cabin crew announced a new wave of strikes across Spain this month.

Crew members will leavefor another 12 days in July to affect 10 airports nationwide, including, Malaga, Alicante and Ibiza.

Dates include July 12th to 15th, and July. 18-21 and July 25-28.