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Seven Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Moira’s shock discovery and her horrific accident

MOIRA Barton is the victim of a horrific hit and run accident next week in Emmerdale shortly after discovering  DI Malone’s affair and dodgy drugs organisation.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…

1. Moira gets a shock 

Heading into the church, Moira is flabbergasted to see Harriet kissing DI Malone. 

Rather than sneaking away, feisty Moira challenges the pair about what's going on.

2. Harriet admits everything

Moira is stunned by Harriet’s confession that she’s having an affair.

But the farmer is even more shocked when Harriet tells her about Cain’s involvement with Malone’s dodgy dealings at the garage. 

3. Cain gets the wrong end of the stick

Will later warns Cain that Malone is back in town, leading Cain to square up to Malone and urge him to stay away from the village. 

When Malone hits back that he’s here for a new love interest, Cain gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes he means Moira. 

Later, a sinister Malone bursts into Moira’s house and threatens her not to tell anyone about his affair with Harriet. 

As Malone departs, Cain lurks in the shadow and convinces himself that Malone and Moira must be having an affair.

4. There’s a hit and run

Later, Cain is shocked when he gets a call saying Moira has been the victim of a hit and run.

Emmerdale fans will remember that the detective previously threatened to kill Moira and slaughtered her bull in order to get Cain Dingle to join his dodgy gang. 

Could he be behind the hit and run?

If so, will Cain put two and two together and seek revenge?

5. Leanna hatches a plan

Jacob and Leanna agree to make things official with one another. 

When a desolate Liam arrives back from his retreat, Leanna feels bad for him after engineering his break up with Leyla.

Jacob and Leanna then hatch a plan to get Leyla and Liam back together - but will it work?

6. Jamie tracks down Andrea

Kim encourages Jamie to move on from Andrea, but is later baffled when she receives an anonymous call. 

Later, Jamie sees one of Millie’s pictures revealing that she and Andrea were previously hiding in Take a Vow. 

But he’s baffled when Leyla tells him she has no idea where Andrea has gone this time.

Later, Kim tells Jamie about the mystery call she received and Jamie tries to trace it after convincing himself it'll reveal Andrea's location.

But could Jamie be walking into something dangerous?

Emmerdale policeman investigating Andrea’s disappearance returns to lockdown filming with much longer beard

7. Bob puts his foot in it again

Bob and Wendy head out on a date but Bob worries Rodney might be texting her when she won't put down her phone.

Chas encourages Bob to apply for a dating site and play Wendy at her own game.

Has Bob put his foot in things yet again?

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