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Great Britain

Sheridan Smith axed from West End musical Joseph after ‘lashing out at child actors’

SHERIDAN Smith will not appear in next year’s production of Joseph after she infuriated bosses by lashing out at some of the young cast.

The Bafta-winning actress starred as the narrator in the show alongside Jason Donovan as the Pharaoh and Jac Yarrow in the title role. And theatre insiders who worked alongside her at the London Palladium on Saturday night claimed her exit came after she lost her temper at a final show after-party and shouted at a group of the cast aged between 11 and 13.

One told me: “Sheridan cares deeply about her performances and at times we saw her become very emotional behind the scenes.

“Starring in a West End show can be very intense and while she never put a foot wrong on stage, away from it she could often be quite up and down. After the final show, bosses held a party in the theatre’s VIP bar and Sheridan was there with her fiancé Jamie Horn.

“They were chilling out, while a group of the younger cast were messing around nearby.

“Suddenly Sheridan turned around and very rudely told them to go away.

“Everyone who heard her was shocked because they were just kids being kids.

“Her boyfriend and the company manager quickly stepped in to whisk her away, while one of the mums took charge of taking the kids to another area.

“But obviously bosses heard what happened and were very unimpressed with Sheridan.

“The next we heard, her contract was not being renewed.”

Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat show ran from July to September and returns next summer.

Representatives for Sheridan on Saturday night confirmed she would not be returning.

But they insisted her stint was always meant to be a one-off and that she is now planning a “down year” with Jamie.


I'm Jenning up on anti-ageing

IF you’ve got an insecurity complex, probably best look away now.

Because this is Jennifer Lopez – aged 50 – stripped for a raunchy new photoshoot to promote her fiery new ­single Baila Conmigo.

The stunning superstar wore only a few straps of chain mail for the revealing image.

And if that doesn’t get her record flying off the shelves, I don’t know what will.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be doing an extensive Google search featuring the words “Jennifer Lopez” and “anti-ageing secret”.

Harry's ink Styles

HARRY Styles shows off his etch-a-sketch collection of tattoos in the video for new track Lights Up.

The One Direction star sparked an explosion of excitement this week when he released the ­single, his first music in two years.

And from the sounds of it, his upcoming album has been worth the wait.

Speaking to Rolling Stone ­magazine last month, Harry said broodily: “It’s all about having sex and feeling sad.”


Brendan: I'll show Hugh I really am

BRENDAN Cole wants to reinvent himself as the next Greatest Showman . . . but he admits he’s not a great singer.

The dancer, who is taking part in The X Factor: Celebrity, is desperate to shake off the “well-produced” image he had on Strictly and follow in the footsteps of Hugh Jackman.

Brendan said: “I’ve always had a particular stereotype, a well-produced stereotype, by the shows I’ve done.

“It’s not me but it’s been built and is hard to remove. I want the audience to see the person I really am, the real thing, rather than something produced for an effect.”

On Saturday night viewers saw him perform with actor pal Jeremy Edwards.

But they didn’t get quite the glowing praise they might have hoped for from X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh.

Undeterred, Brendan said: “I can sing but I am not a professional singer. The dream would be doing it on a stage in front of a big crowd.

“Maybe (I could) be the next Greatest Showman.

“You don’t have to be the best singer in the world for that, just like you don’t have to be the best actor to get a movie role. It’s about the right timing and – let’s face it – having the X Factor.”

Chef Greg jumping for joy

GREG Rutherford was so determined to win Celebrity MasterChef that he persuaded his veggie-fan fiancée to finally try his meat dishes. And while other kids make cupcakes with their parents, the Olympic champ roped his four-year- old son Milo into helping him prepare posh fennel puree.

Greg, who won gold for Britain in the long jump in 2012, even used his evenings off for practice sessions and binge-watching cookery shows. But his hard work paid off after he triumphed on the BBC show, seeing off tough competition from Vicky Pattison and Neil “Razor” Ruddock.

And delighted Greg now says MasterChef is one of the best things he’s ever done. He told The Sun on Sunday: “Cooking took over my life. I was filming all day, coming home and cooking. I ate most of my meals at midnight.

“I was putting in as much time as I could. And my poor fiancée Susie . . . she doesn’t eat meat but I needed someone to try the recipes I was practising making. So I’d ask her to taste, she’d say ‘I don’t like it’ and I’d say, ‘But imagine you do’.

“I even had Milo helping me make fennel puree. It did make me laugh because when I grew up, you wouldn’t dream of talking about fennel or a puree. But once I get into something, I’m like a dog with a bone. I really want to do well. And somehow I managed to win this bloody thing.


“It’s hilarious because at the start I sent a picture of a chicken satay I had made to a friend and he replied, ‘Please tell me you’re joking’. I said I wasn’t and he replied, ‘Pull out now’. Obviously I didn’t. And now I look back and think it’s one of my favourite things I’ve done.”

Greg’s next mission is his wedding to lifestyle blogger Susie, mum to Milo and the couple’s younger son Rex, after he popped the question earlier this year. And his family will be hoping it comes together faster than the engagement, after Greg admitted it took him more than two years to finally put a ring on her finger. At least he’ll be able to lend a hand with the wedding cake.

Noel can bank on out-earning Liam

NOEL Gallagher earned seven times more than brother Liam last year, records show. And it may explain why Liam is so keen for an Oasis reunion.

Despite being at each other’s throats on Twitter and in interviews, the pair still share some business interests.

But while solo companies owned by Noel – Sour Mash Records, International Magic LLP and No9 Music – are valued at £7million, Liam’s business LG Productions has a net worth of £958,300.

But that figure now looks set to shoot up after the Shockwave singer netted his second number No1 album last month, with the release of Why Me? Why Not.

But for now, his finances are less of a champagne supernova than those of his brother.

Meanwhile, I can reveal that despite Adele’s musical hiatus her money is still rolling in – she banked a massive £39,000 a day last year.

The Rolling In The Deep singer who The Sun recently revealed is linked to rapper Skepta, has sold 22million copies of most recent album 25.

And 2018 financial statements for her companies – Melted Stone and Melted Stone Publishing – reveal they paid her £14.25million, almost £10million more than in 2017. The firms held £64.3million in cash and owed Adele £50.8million.

Accounts also reveal the firms took in more than £21million last year from her back catalogue, including huge albums 21 and 19. This week saw speculation the Hello hitmaker could be set to release new material within weeks, after sources predicted a release this year.

Watch this space.

Keen to get dolled up

KIMBERLY Wyatt has reassured fans the Pussycat Dolls’ comeback is still on, after she gave birth to her third child on Friday. Most new mums struggle to get out of bed but Kimberly plans to be back at work as soon as Wednesday. She’s mad.

Speaking at the Specsavers Awards before the birth, she insisted nothing would stop her getting back on stage with the other Dolls, saying: “There could be some exciting news on the horizon. Having my third baby doesn’t change the situation.

“If anything, it makes me more determined to do it to empower mums to feel sexy and rock it on the dance floor.”

Corsets and crop tops at the ready.

Strictly Shirl on wed alert

STRICTLY’S Shirley Ballas is set to tie the knot with toyboy boyfriend Danny Taylor, after moving him into her London home.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards, the 59-year-old judge gushed: “It will be my third wedding but Danny’s first, so how we do it is up to him really.

“I will be happy with anything and we have discussed marriage quite a bit. He’s just the most amazing man I have ever met. And unlike Joan Colins, I think sharing the same bedroom is essential.

“He is just so loving, so honest and so kind. Kindness is everything. He looks after me.”

Hugh Jackman fan hops on 3Arena stage for incredible dance with The Greatest Showman star