More lockdown restrictions will be eased on Saturday - and it's good news for parents.

A number of changes were meant to come into force on August 1 but were delayed due a rise in Covid-19 infections and local outbreaks.

But from tomorrow, a whole other raft of businesses will be able to begin operating again.

There's good news for parents in the changes wondering how to keep kids busy this summer, with the reopening of indoor soft play areas.

Like all businesses which have reopened so far, they'll only be able to do so if they've put measures in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

What will be different in play areas?

A number of measures should be in place, many of which will be familiar to you already:

What else is changing on August 15?

From Saturday, the following business can reopen:

Will there be more lockdown easing after that?

On July 17, Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a rough timeline for the ending of other restrictions.

While some social-distancing are likely to be part of our lives for many more months and years, Mr Johnson said he hoped for a return to near normality by Christmas.

While all measures are contingent on cases falling - and some measures may even be reimposed - this is what the remained for the year could look like:

From 1 September:

From 1 October, if prevalence remains around or below current levels:

In November, the Government's "ambition" is to scale back remaining social distancing measures, but "this is contingent on a number of factors, including consideration of the specific challenges as we move into winter".