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Stacey Solomon defends letting baby Rex eat unwashed wild berries – insisting bugs and worms are ‘just extra protein’

STACEY Solomon has defended letting her 15-month-old son Rex eat unwashed wild berries - insisting that bugs and worms are "extra protein".

The 30-year-old star documented a walk through a stunning field with her sons and sister on Instagram this afternoon.

The TV favourite put together a video montage of the outing, which included her youngest son brandishing a stick before tucking into some wild berries that he'd found on the walk.

Stacey captioned the video at the time: "Nope Susan, I didn't wash the berries.. I forgot to bring my sink with us but it stopped him from eating the mud so I went with it."

Later in the evening, Stacey uploaded another video as she cuddled a sleeping Rex in her sister's back garden.

Addressing messages she'd received from concerned followers, the star chuckled as she explained: "So many of you are saying 'aren't there little white worms that can live in blackberries?'

"I think there are sometimes, but my grandma always said it's just a bit of extra protein - I'm pretty sure it's safe!"

She added in the caption: "So many of you messaging asking if I'm worried about bugs that can live in blackberries… I'm not.

"I'm pretty sure they're safe to eat… Extra protein in my opinion."

Stacey, who is also mum to 12-year-old Zachary and eight-year-old Leighton, also told fans that they were waiting for her boyfriend Joe Swash to pick them up from her sister's house once he'd finished filming Supermarket Sweep.

Stacey Solomon swoons over her boyfriend Joe Swash

Earlier in the day, Stacey had lusted after Joe as he dressed up for the TV appearance, admitting that she "really fancies him".

The pair have just got back from a romantic getaway with Rex while Stacey's oldest sons spent time with their dads.

Joe had recently returned from a trip to Wales with his 13-year-old son Harry from a previous relationship.

The trio spent quality time together on the spontaneous Staycation, where Stacey shared her fears of being arrested after taking pebbles from the beach.

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