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Steps to tackle child poverty are shown

A new planned activity has begun to address child poverty in West Lothian.

According to the latest child poverty estimates, about a quarter of West Lothian children experienced poverty in 2019/20.

This is the highest proportion of children in relatively poor poverty since 2014/15, representing a 3.3% increase over the five years from 2015 to 2020.

A New Regional Child Poverty Behavior Report (LCPAR) has been published in West Rosian, outlining the scale of challenges for reducing child poverty in West Rosians.

NHS Lothian, West Lothian Council, and members of the Child Poverty Reference Group and Community Planning Partnership Anti-Poverty Task Force have been working on collaborative reporting. The report also shows the efforts of the entire community planning partnership to mitigate the effects of poverty.

Lawrence Fitzpatrick, leader of the West Lothian Council, said:

“The scale of the challenge of reducing poverty at the local level should not be underestimated, especially due to the limited funding available to local governments.

The fact is that many of the most effective long-term interventions to alleviate child poverty are left to the national government, especially in Westminster.

"But we can't focus on what we can't control. What the council is focusing on. We're in Westminster. It can be done to improve the life opportunities of young people, and all institutions must work together to make progress.

"Ultimately, West, including child poverty. We are investing in jobs that are expected to reduce Rosian poverty.

“LCPAR aims to contribute to the overall goal of mitigating the effects of poverty on families and young people. Focuses on regional measures taken in collaboration between the Council, NHS Government, and various community planning partners.

"It is important to note that the latest estimates cover the pre-pandemic period. It cannot explain the economic impact of the pandemic. It highlights the scale of the problems facing the locals.

"This plan impacts reducing child poverty across Westminster, post-pandemic recovery and cost of living crisis. It shows that it focuses on interventions and practical approaches that specifically reflect the impacts of the vulnerable people. ”

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