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Strictly Come Dancing 2023 LIVE — Fans ‘shocked’ as spoiler reveals who’s leaving the show in TONIGHT’s instalment

STRICTLY Come Dancing fans were left "shocked" as someone released a spoiler of who'll be leaving the BBC One show tonight.

A member of the audience who attended last night's live show, revealed the news online, however, The Sun shall not be leaking any information about the contestant heading home.

All that we can say is that fans were left "shocked" as one wrote: "The Strictly spoiler surprised me but also didn’t surprise me at all if that makes sense?”

Another added: "I don’t like spoilers showing up in my timeline, but I really hope this is true," while a third chimed in: "I feel immensely sorry for this celeb’s professional partner but it’s the right decision.”

The elimination show will air tonight at 7.15pm on BBC One.

Read our Strictly Come Dancing blog below for the latest news and updates...

  • What time is Strictly on today?

    Strictly airs its first elimination show tonight at 7.15pm on BBC One.

    Two pairs will dance it off in the duals.

    One couple will be sent home.

  • Joan Collins on rejecting Strictly

    The Dynasty Star praised 78-year-old Angela Rippon for taking on the Strictly challenge and thought that she "was amazing."

    She was asked whether she'll follow Angela's examples and try out Strictly for herself.

    The 90-year-old responded on BBC Radio 4 Woman's House: "Are you kidding? No way! I've been asked to do it several times."

  • Ellie hopes Strictly brings back her confidence

    Corrie star Ellie Leach admitted that despite her acting career, she struggles with low self-confidence and hopes that Strictly can be the turning point for her.

    "Self-confidence is something I’ve always struggled with. As an actor, people don’t see that – they think you’re this confident person and you can do anything. I’m hoping Strictly will bring that for me, push me and make me realise I’m capable of things," she told The Mirror.

    She added how her pro-partner Vito Coppola has helped her motivate her.

    Ellie added: "Vito has taught me so much already. He tells me, ‘It’s a competition with yourself. If you’re tired, fight it, if you’re stressed, fight it’. I also don’t praise myself enough, I just focus on the wrong. But then he’ll say to me, ‘Yeah, but you just did that…’”

  • Ellie Leach deemed as 'an underdog'

    Many fans were left impressed by Ellie Leach's Foxtrot with pro-partner Vito Coppola last night.

    Taking to X - formerly known as Twitter - some fans believe that she may be a good runner for the Glitterball trophy as one said: "Ellie is definitely an underdog in this competition! She's stunning, great dancer."

    Another viewer added: "They're all so good this year apart from two or three. Ellie is the one to watch. Deffo could win this," while a third chimed in: "Ellie's definitely winning this series. It was written in the cards last week."

  • Strictly fans go wild as celeb returns to show

    Last night, former Labour MP and shadow Chancellor Ed Balls made a surprise appearance on Strictly.

    He joined Claudia Winkleman in giving the viewers all the information they need to know about voting.

    See the iconic moment below.

  • Nigel and Katya spark romance rumours

    A passionate performance and a tender kiss sparked romance rumours between Nigel Harman and Katya Jones last night.

    The pair danced the Viennese Waltz to Stephen Sanchez's Until I Found You.

    Nigel gave Katya a peck on the cheek before they started their routine and viewers couldn't help but conspire that the Strictly curse will strike again.

    Viewers are convinced that the pair are growing romantically close as one said: "There’s something so gorgeous about Nigel & Katya."

    However, another fan insisted that "the curse is knocking."

    Fans can only conspire between them as the Casualty actor has been married to his wife Lucy Liemann since 2011.

  • Work it Motsi

    Motsi Mabuse looked stunning last night as she donned an eye-catching mini-dress.

    She made an assured entrance into the studio as she rocked a black and white patterned frock.

  • Motsi shocks viewers as she pulls Shirley for a kiss

    Strictly fans were left in shock when judge Motsi Mabuse pulled Shirley Ballas in for a cheeky kiss at the start of last night's show.

    Once the judges were introduced and the four posed in front of the camera, Motsi pulled Shirley in for a quick peck on live television and then the two turned around, laughing.

    It looks like everyone was feeling the love last night at the Strictly studios.

  • Adam Thomas fights back tears

    The Waterloo Road actor tried holding back tears after his performance last night and apologised to his partner - Luba Mushtuk - for letting her down.

    Adam faced criticism from the judges over his technical skills after dancing the Tango with Shirley stating that there were some "out-of-sync bits" while Motsi added that he needs "stronger technique."

    After joining host Claudia Winkleman upstairs, Adam said: "I'm not smiling now, I'll be honest with you. I tried my hardest and I feel like I let [Luba] down, I'm sorry."

    But Luba comforted him as she expressed how much she loves dancing with Adam and that she's "so proud."

  • Giovanni and Amanda share passionate kiss after performance

    After dancing the night away with their steamy Samba, Giovanni Pernice and Amanda Abbington shared a passionate kiss.

    Viewers were in awe of the chemistry and athleticism the two portrayed with one saying: "Amanda and Giovanni… just wow!!! I absolutely loved that."

    Each judge scored the routine an 8 and one fan insisted that they "deserved at least one 9."

    Another dubbed it as "the dance of the night" as they pointed out how the couple have "BROUGHT IT."

  • Shirley Ballas gives update on her relationship with Danny Taylor

    Strictly judge Shirley Ballas told The Sun that she won't be marrying boyfriend Danny Taylor as she's "happy" with how their "unconventional" relationship is.

    She said: “I think Danny and I have a very nice relationship and he is, by far, the kindest and nicest man that I have met. But we went up to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh last year and we were all ready to go and then he didn’t seem ready.

    "I didn’t get a good feeling from it, so I thought, ‘Nah, it’s not for me’. It’s nice if I can come and go. Danny is always busy, just like I am, and has a 13-year-old son.

    “I think the last time I saw him was August, when he joined me on my week-long Skyathlon challenge for mental health charity CALM — so it has been a long time

    "We have a unique, unconventional relationship. It’s built on trust. I don’t want anybody else and, as far as I know, he doesn’t want anybody else and we talk most days on FaceTime. It is what it is, and I’m happy with the way it is.

    "My best friend says that when Danny and I are together, I light up like bulbs. We had a lovely holiday at the beginning of the year, and the time we do have is precious and is focused on us two. There is no point in being under each other’s feet when you haven’t got time for each other. At our age, it works.”

  • Judge Shirley shocks Strictly viewers

    Shirley Ballas shocked viewers during last night's Strictly Come Dancing as she brutally shut down the booing studio audience.

    It comes as Nigel Harman was one of the victims of Shirley's stern criticism which didn't go down well with those watching live.

    Take a look at what happened below.

  • Did you spot the format shakeup?

    Strictly fans couldn't help but notice how the replays of each couple's dances aren't shown anymore as they make their way upstairs to see host Claudia Winkleman and receive their scores.

    The camera instead kept focusing on the pairings as they ascended and were greeted by their supportive co-stars.

    Fans welcomed the change as one passionately wrote: "They've finally got rid of the annoying replay of the dance when the couple runs up to see Claudia! That used to really annoy me because we'd miss everyone's reactions.

    "They definitely still had the replays last week so I'm not sure what changed in a week but I'm grateful to whoever decided that. Now change that bloody desk back."

  • Fans dub Les Dennis' samba as 'terrible'

    Strictly fans couldn't hold back their savageness towards Les Dennis after he performed a "terrible" samba.

    Judge Craig didn't hold back either as he told Les: "You've taken basic to a whole new level. It looked like you were limping with a broken ankle."

    Fans on social media ripped into the actor and TV presenter, with one saying: "Les Dennis on #Strictly is reminiscent of my Dad on New Years Eve trying to do the YMCA after 8 pints of Stella with a few whiskey chasers."

    Another added: "British public please don’t vote for Les." while a third added: "Les Dennis - SS Poseidon, or RMS Titanic?"

  • Fans ‘work out’ bottom two and predict who will be sent home

    Strictly Come Dancing viewers believe Nikita Kanda and Les Dennis, who landed themselves at the foot of the leaderboard after week one, will be at the bottom of the pile again after tonight’s show.

    Fans of the BBC dance competition believe it could be either one of them who is sent home.

    Nikita and dance pro partner Gorka Marquez are dancing the Charleston to Beyonce’s tune Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) this week.

    Les and Nancy will Samba to Rock The Boat by Hues Corporation.

    One fan on Reddit said: “Nikita, Zara and Les are in the danger zone for me. Les’ saving grace is that he has a memorable song and is a national treasure. On the other hand, a weak Charleston is a death sentence as we saw last series…”

    Another chimed in: “Deploying the Emergency Charlestons early!”

    “Only week 2 but Zara and Nikita both already feel in need of a break through dance or I suspect they’re on very limited time,” a third posted.

    A fourth added: “I think Nikita will be in the Bottom Two with Les or Zara this week.”

  • What time is Strictly on tonight?

    At 7.15pm tonight on BBC One one of the lowest-scoring Strictly Come Dancing pairs will be sent home — and there is a special tribute to Tina Turner.

    The professional dancers will perform a number as they're joined by Beverley Knight, Laura Mvula and Fleur East.

    There will also be a performance by singer-songwriter Jorja Smith.

  • Brendan Cole on Angela Rippon’s chances of making the final

    Angela Rippon wowed viewers and judges with her debut performance, earning her 29 points last weekend on Strictly Come Dancing.

    However, former Strictly star Brendan Cole doesn’t think that she will be lifting the Glitterball trophy by the end of this series.

    Brendan said: “I don’t know if [Angela] will be a winner, but I do think she could get almost all the way through. I don’t think she’d make the final because I think there will come a point where people look like they are really on it.

    “They are flying around the floor, it’d be full on, high energy, and I don’t know if that will continue throughout the show for Angela and Kai [Widdrington]. I might be wrong.”

  • Ellie Taylor rooting for Johannes Radebe

    Ellie, who competed in Strictly last year, was partnered with pro Johannes Radebe – who’s paired up with Annabel Croft this year.

    Ellie hopes that her ex-dance partner will go all the way to win this year: “I’ll absolutely be rooting for Johannes. But after doing Strictly, I’ll be rooting for everybody because I know how scary it is and what it takes to do a live dance on TV every week.

    “It’s so exposing and nerve-wracking. Just to do it is enough, which sounds so cliché and boring, but it really is true. It’s really tough. But of course I’d love to see Johannes win, I really would.”

  • Ellie Taylor opens up about how Stricly affected her personal life

    Comedian Ellie Taylor revealed how she was “all-consumed” by Strictly Come Dancing when she competed on the show last year, and it affected her home life, too.

    Ellie said: “It really sucked up the end of the year. I was physically in the house sometimes, but not particularly present. It was full on, especially because I didn’t think I’d be in the show for very long.

    “I thought I’d be there for a maximum of three or four weeks,” she laughs. “Every week I was voted in I’d go to my husband, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know this would happen!’

    “God knows how I managed it, but everyone was very sweet, we had lovely support. I absolutely loved it, but it is all consuming and I think it has to be. To commit to the show and do it justice, you really have to dig your heels in and get involved, and I really did. I’m really pleased with how I did, I’m really proud of myself.”

  • The Strictly tradition Angela Scanlon refuses to follow

    Angela Scanlon has revealed how she’s all for the glitz and dazzle of Strictly Come Dancing, but there’s one thing that she’ll never do – a fake tan.

    The Irish TV host revealed she “spent 15 years getting to grips with” her pale skin, adding: “You don’t need to fake tan to feel confident. I want to show that, for me, feeling sexy comes from being myself, not how orange my legs are.”

    Peaking exclusively with The Sun, she said: “I feel really touched when I get a message from somebody who says their daughter is suddenly OK with not wearing fake tan because she saw me on the telly with my white legs out.

    “I never felt that when I was young. I never saw anyone super pale on telly and, obviously, there’s different levels of that across so many minorities.

    “When I was growing up, the only people I saw on telly were beautiful blonde, tanned women or a brunette version of the same thing. But it was always a very specific, very polished- looking woman and, you know, that’s a very narrow view of beauty and of womanhood and of everything else.

    “So I’ve always felt quite defiant about being myself on telly and in an industry that sometimes tries to force people to look a certain way. There’s been absolutely no pushback from Strictly on it. If you want to wear tan, you wear it. If you don’t, you don’t.”

  • Piers turned Strictly down

    Piers Morgan revealed that he turned down Strictly Come Dancing when bosses asked him to appear on the BBC 1 show as “there wasn’t enough money.”

    The TalkTV host said: “Strictly asked me last year. There wasn’t enough money. If you want me to humiliate myself on a dance floor, I was offered $150,000 by Dancing With The Stars in America when I was doing America’s Got Talent.

    “And I said, ‘Come back to me if it’s $1.2million’. They haven’t come back yet.”

    Piers was asked whether he’d ever consider it, responding with a grin: “I don’t want to put the other contestants under that kind of pressure. Look at this natural dancing torso.”

  • Diane and Bobby cuddle up

    Strictly pair Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier looked cosy as they took a break from training for their second live show.

    The couple looked very close while spending some together away from the dance studios.

  • Strictly scandals — Bullying claims

    Danny John-Jules, who appeared on the show in 2018, blasted the show as “dirty” and “filthy” after being accused of bullying.

    It was claimed the Red Dwarf actor left dance partner Amy Dowden in tears on multiple occasions and at one point angrily told her: “I’m the star, not you.”

    Danny vehemently denied the claims - including that he had been given a final warning by Strictly bosses.

    At the time a source said: “Amy’s been crying constantly at the hands of Danny. He gets very angry in the training room and he swears and shouts at her a lot.”

    Last year Danny claimed producers resented his work ethic and “came up with [a] cockamamie story about bullying” as a way to evict him from the show.

    In response a BBC spokesperson said: “This claim is categorically untrue.”