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Swimmer Harvey blacked out for six hours, woke up "embarrassed" with the injured, and then "drugged" at the World Championships.

SWIMMER Mary-Sophie Harvey claimed to have taken the drug on the final night of the World Championships in Budapest last month. 

TokyoOlympian, 22 took him to Instagram and was "totally lost" with his team manager and doctor. I woke up. Her side.

Canadians say they have no memory of a 4-6 hour time frame and have found "tens of wounds" after returning home the next day.

Harvey also revealed that her ribs were twisted and shivered, and she "was no more embarrassed" about what happened in Hungary. However, he asserted that the case did not "define" her. 

SwimmingThe star who won the bronze as part of Canada's 4x200m relay team at the World Championshipsaid: If you need to post or don't. But I'm always transparent. Sadly, these situations happen so many times that we can't stay silent.

"Last night of the World Championship, I took medicine. I remember getting up the next morning and getting completely lost when I didn't know what was inside me. . With our team manager and doctor at my bedside. 

"I'm celebrating my competition and recognizing a rational and next goal, the Federal Convention I remember doing it, but then I don't remember anything. 

"I can't remember anything in this 4-6 hour time frame. I I've heard from people little by little and I've also experienced judgments. The only thing I can say is this: I've never felt more embarrassed.

"The next day, I Got home and had dinner with his family. I remember my mother saying, "You look different." She knew very little, I felt that way too. 

Harvey added: I went home and found a dozen wounds on my body. Then some of my friends said I had to unknowingly carry me, so I probably explained why. 

"I didn't feel better.

" They called me one of my best friends who knew her mom was a doctor. After all, I went to the hospital and met doctors and psychologists there. 

"They tested and treated me in the best possible way. They told me that it happened more often than we thought and I was in a sense lucky. To get out of this with a rib twist and a small quiver.

"It helped cure some of the fears I had, but sadly not all of them.

" Unfortunately, these events we think It happens more than it does. Over the years, the number of dangerous cases reported has increased, but it is still not fully discussed. 

"Victims Finding resources for is still difficult and judgments from outsiders are still very present. Be careful if you are reading this, especially while surrounded by friends. I thought it was safe because it never happened to me ... but it succeeded ... and I wish someone had educated me on the matter before that night

"I'm still scared to think about the unknown that night. I'm still trying to find" Happy Mary "who found happiness before this event. I'm still in a sense embarrassed about what happened and I think it will always be ... but I don't let this event define me.

"Thanks to the people who helped me while I was defenseless to the people I've contacted since then. , I apologize to anyone who feels something is wrong. 

"I'm still learning to deal with everything and find myself again. Thank you for your understanding. Mary. "