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Tech Millionaire unveils a giant Cold War radar that vows to "find a UFO" using the kit

A British tech boss who is restoring an old Cold War radar says he can find aUFOusing a 60-foot-wide dish.

William Sachiti askedRedditfor help in resurrecting the abandoned RAF defense base, writing:

A 37-year-old robotics expert lives and works near a collapsing machine capable of sending signals up to a distance of 250 miles.

Read more:'I was kidnapped by a reptile alien-they injected me into my eyes and used mind control'The Britisharmyfrom 1962 to 1994 as an early warning system in the event of a deadly nuclear weapon used by


The Marconi Type 84 L-band radar needs a lot of maintenance before it will work again
The Marconi Type 84L Band Radar requires a lot of maintenance before it can function again

Since posting a photo of a historic kit, William has been flooded with requests to "scan the moon" and "hunt UFOs" with it.

Hetells VICE:

"I'm not the one who decides the best way to use it in the modern world. Unless it's harmless and disturbing.

" I have the technology, so it's Bring it to life. "

However, the top inventors are open to finding life for aliens using radar dishes, but think they are unlikely to come into contact. I am.

William Sachiti has been swarmed with suggestions for his new project
William Sachiti is his new project

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William believes that aliens are actually very likely to be very advanced, and humans are beyond their consideration.

He explained: "The reason I don't care so much is that I haven't had any practical information for a long time.

" If Ali decides to contact a human, we know too. Let's ... these UFOs almost always ignore us if there's any intelligence behind them. "

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