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Teen Mom fans ask MTV to bring back the dismissed cast members after blaming the show's "boring" recent season

TEEN Mom fans begged MTV to bring back the dismissed cast members after blaming the show's boring recent season.

MTV has confirmed that TeenMomOG and TeenMom2 are integrated into one reality show.

In a recent poll posted on a Reddit board dedicated to teen moms, fans voted on which former cast members would like to return to the series.

The poll was titled "Who would bring back if you had to do that?" Candidates include Teen Mom graduates Farrah Abraham (31), Jenelle Evans (30) and Kairin Raleigh (30).

Of the more than 2000 votes cast, almost half of the total was sent to TeenMom2's favorite Jenelle.

Adult entertainer Fara followed MTV star second, and podcaster Kairin followed immediately behind in the final spot.

In a comment thread under polls, many voters have stated their reasons for why they want to see North Carolina natives return to the show.

One Redditor wrote, "I love train accidents, so Jenelle," but another added, "She brought all the dramas."

The third fan emphasized "Jenelle PERIOD" and commented, and the fourth Redditor wrote, "She will be a good reality TV lol."

Another commented: "If she divorces the caveman David, Genel."

A Teen Mom fan agrees with her feelings, "I just chose Gene because she's crazy and fun to watch, even though David isn't her husband." Did.

They continued, "But I never wanted to make the money she had made before, so I hope they don't bring her back.

Another reason: "MTV never hires David, Jenelle has to shoot solo as before, and the same thing happens to him, making it difficult and threatening to produce.

David Eason, 33, continued to hate while Genel's love for his mother began to echo in the thread.


"Jenelle and Babs, but David never," commented a fan, while another fan "says Jenelle just because he wants to see Babs." Shouted.

Other Redditors explained why Jenelle didn't want to return to the reality series.

"[Jenelle] and Farrah crawl my skin, so I have to choose Kail," explained one disgusted fan.

Another fan shared the same feeling, writing, "I said Kale because the idea of ​​paying more for Fara and Gene made me sick."

Finally, one Teen Mom Redditor said, "I can't deny that Jenelle is the true MVP of Teen Mom 2. AF after she leaves."

While another fan agreed, "[Show] would have been a flop [without Gene]."

New Chapter

Recent Ratings Due to the downturn and a lot of online speculation, MTV has confirmed that has made changes within the TeenMom franchise. The

network has announced that TeenMomOG and TeenMom2 will be integrated into one show called Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

. According to MTV, the date has not yet been announced in the near future.

Viewers can continue to look forward to the new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Teen Mom Girls Night In, Teen Mom: Family Reunion. According to the

series description, "Teen Mom: Next Chapter" will focus on the cast of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 in the current "Motherhood Stage".

The network states: "Some people have children in diapers, others are currently raising teenagers."

The explanation continues: "But they are all very young [mama] uniques. For the first time, moms and all their stories are put together in one super-large series focused on the parent-child relationship and while they are entering a new stage of life together. When faced with the reality of adults, the unique bonds they share. ”

Return to TEEN MOM.

Gene recently revealed whether she will return to the MTV series after her fans find "clues" that she has shot a new scene.

Jenelle was fired from TeenMom2 in 2019 after a series of controversies involving herself and her husband David Eason.

In a YouTube video posted on Jenelle's channel, Teen Mom's Alum talked to fans about rumors about her return to the show.

MTV Stars are discussing TennMom's co-star Briana DeJesus, 27, a winning party in court, and participation in the accommodation offered.

Then she talks about how MTV existed during the party. "Did they shoot me? Yes, I signed the shoot contract."

She immediately followed it up and said, "When I arrived, we were a little I had a conversation. [They asked] How I've been doing these days, and I'm doing that. "

"But otherwise," she went on to say, "I just enjoyed it." About this party, it was really a gathering of friends.

The gathering of that caused fan rumors was Brianna's party celebrating her number. Victory over Kairin Raleigh.

General was found attending a party for her ex-27-year-old cast member via social media.

Another teen mom Jade Cline, 24, a behind-the-scenes photo of Gene at a posting party and some of her sharp-eyed fans noticed some details.

One fan posted on Reddit. Her microphone. The MTV camera needs to be shooting when we speak.

The second fan asked, "Does she think this is the way back to MTV?" One of them posted a video showing how two photographers are shooting. They were definitely there.

Still, the fourth fan guessed.

"Genel probably saw it as an opportunity ... but David must be angry."