A terminally-ill mum whose medication has left her craving Vimto ice lollies has been given a free supply for as long as she needs them.

Katie Holmes, 38, was diagnosed with a brain tumour three years ago and since she stopped treatment and instead is being prescribed steroids she has had the slightly unusual craving.

After clearing the shelves, Katie's family contacted the Manchester-born born soft drink company, to see if they could buy the lollies in bulk.

Her cousin, Matthew Chialton, 29, says the family were sent several boxes of Vimto ice lollies with a message from the brand promising to send as many free boxes of the sweet treat until Katie didn't need them anymore, Manchester Evening News reports.

Mr Chialton, from Liverpool said: "Katie was absolutely made up about it.

The company has given Katie a free supply
The company has given Katie a free supply

"It's just a nice thing to do in a bad situation."

Katie, who has an 11-year-old child, was told by doctors that her brain tumour was terminal and she has three months to live.

"She lived with us for a couple of years so she is more like my sister really," Matthew said.

"Katie has just come off treatment now and is on steroids and they have been making her crave Vimto ice lollies.

The mum-of-one has been told she only has three months to live
The mum-of-one has been told she only has three months to live

"They only really sell them in ASDA so our family has basically cleared the shelves of these ice lollies."

Matthew says his mum got in touch with the company last week.

The first drink was concocted on Granby Row in Manchester in 1908.

"My mum wanted to see if there was any way we could just buy the boxes in bulk direct from Vimto.

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Matthew says he decided he wanted to publicly thank the brand for their kind gesture.

"She's on steroids at the moment and is always craving Vimto lolly ices.

"After clearing shops we got in touch with Vimto to buy them in bulk. They're providing them free until she no longer needs them.

"Incredible company. Thank you."