Supermarket giants across the UK are set to change their opening hours this week because of Easter and bank holidays.

The retailers have already faced a number of changes to their opening schedules as they continue to adjust to the demand brought about by coronavirus.

This week, hours will be changed at all major supermarkets for Good Friday, the Easter weekend and then Easter Monday.

These are the new hours that will be operating at Tesco, Co-op, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl, Asda and Morrisons from the end of the week.


You can check local opening hours on the Tesco store locator.

Good Friday

Saturday 11  April

Easter Sunday

Easter Monday

Tuesday 14  April

Wednesday 15  April

Petrol filling stations will be open usual hours


For times at your local store, visit

Good Friday 10 April: 8am-8pm

Saturday 11 April: 8am - 8pm

Easter Sunday 12 April: CLOSED

Easter Monday 13 April: 8am - 8pm


All the opening times are available from the store finder, which can be found here:

Users can input their address and find their local store and its hours. Times may vary slightly between stores, but all will be closed on Easter Sunday


Some of our stores are open on Easter Sunday. Opening and closing times can vary from store to store, so it’s best to check our online store locators for the details:


Full details at the store locator

Sunday Closed


Selected stores do vary - for the most accurate opening and closing times for your local store please check our store finder .

England & Wales

Good Friday (April 10) - 8am - 8pm / Open as normal (Inside M5)

Saturday (April 11) - Open as normal (All stores)

Easter Sunday (April 12) - Closed

Easter Monday (April 13) - 8am - 8pm / Open as normal (Inside M25)


Good Friday (April 10) - Open as normal

Saturday (April 11) - Open as normal

Easter Sunday (April 12) - Open as normal

Easter Monday (April 13) - Open as normal


Check full details for your local branch on the Waitrose site

Good Friday (April 10) - 8am - 8pm

Easter Sunday (April 12) - Closed

Easter Monday (April 13) - 8am - 7pm


Check local details on the store finder