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The Blackburn pumpkin farm you need to visit this Halloween

IT’S the October half term and parents across the county will be desperately trying to think of activities to keep the kids entertained.

Mrs Downsons Farm Park is one place in the region where you can pick your own pumpkin and engage in some other Halloween activities.

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It’s the farm’s first year offering pumpkin picking- and so far it has been a huge success.

Tickets for adults start from £5.95 child tickers are from £8.95- and kids get a free pumpkin with this price.

Eric Downson, co-director of the farm, said : “We have been quite surprised by the level of interest in out pumpkin event.

“I think it’s because we offer value for your money.

“Instead of just picking up a pumpkin from a muddy field, we have really thought about customer satisfaction- we’ve hired actors who walk around and provide ‘street theatre’”


While you could pick up a pumpkin from the supermarket, Eric insists that farm pumpkins are very different to any that you can get from a supermarket.

He said: “Prior to this event, even I didn’t realise how many types of pumpkin there were.

“My preconceived idea was that a pumpkin was orange and round because that’s all I had seen in the supermarkets- ours are a little more varied.
Lancashire Telegraph: Mrs Downsons has a variety of pumpkins (Facebook/@mrsdownsons)Mrs Downsons has a variety of pumpkins (Facebook/@mrsdownsons)


“We’ve got white ones, yellow ones, red ones, green and blue ones.

“We’ve also got some really weird looking pumpkins with warts and nodules on.

“Some pumpkins are large- others are no bigger than a large apple.”

Pumpkin picking isn’t the only activity included in the ticket price; you also have access to the farm and the animals who live there, such as cows, alpacas, llamas and goats.

Scare Kingdom

If you’re feeling brave, Mrs Downson’s also has another Halloween attraction called ‘Scare Kingdom’.

During this event, live scare actors seek to frighten you as you walk through various mazes and attractions.

However, the actors will not touch you and will all be wearing masks as per the coronavirus guidelines.


Eric said: “In previous years, this event has been so scary that people’s hair has stood on end- and I have actually seen this.

“One boy was so frightened that he kept curling up into the foetal position on the ground- saying that, he still loved the fright and said he would be coming back this year.”

It’s quite a scary event, so it’s recommended for older children and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Prices start from £18 online and £24 on the door- you can book tickets for it online.

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