It's not a story known for its happily ever afters - and its weddings have notoriously not gone well.

But despite that, Game of Thrones fans are travelling to Northumberland to get hitched while paying homage to their favourite show.

Langley Castle, near Hexham, is being advertised as the perfect place for a Game of Thrones inspired ceremony, and they've already got some bookings in the diary.

A fantasy photoshoot at Langley Castle highlights the building as a backdrop for Game of Thrones themed weddings

As the popular HBO series, based on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, enters its eight and final series, superfans are keen to show their love for the fantasy epic.

It's proven to be a perfect marketing opportunity for bosses at the 14th century castle. They're offering not just Game of Thrones themed nuptials, but dinner parties and smaller events, so people can indulge in their love of Game of Thrones whatever the occasion.

Executive manager Margaret Livingstone-Evans said: "We've had weddings booked where people are going the whole hog - you might expect people wanting Game of Thrones-esque decorations and things, but we've got people who are actually getting dressed up and everything.

"When we first had a couple approach us with what they wanted, I didn't realise how well the venue lent itself to a Game of Thrones theme, but it works.

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"Some people want aspects of Games of Thrones in their event - some people want the whole thing, we can work with either."

Seeing the potential the fantasy series offered, Margaret decided to expand the fantasy offering, with pop-up private dining events on offer, where you can hire out a table for a fantasy feast within the grounds of the castle - or even out on its walls.

Langley executive manager Margaret Livingstone-Evans on the Langley Castle battlements

Though the castle holds plenty of its own real-life history, its manager, who joined the castle team in January, says accommodating guests' special interests helps to stand out from the crowd in a busy wedding market.

Margaret said: "We are really successful, but we are fighting our corner with other wedding venues at the moment, there are so many.

"Having something unique to offer is what people want - the castle's a unique venue in itself, but if people want to take it further we want to work with them to make what they're looking for.

A fantasy photoshoot at Langley Castle highlights the building as a backdrop for Game of Thrones themed weddings

"There are other directions we could go in, I'd like to see Harry Potter events perhaps, we could get owls in.

"We've got everything for a Game of Thrones event really... apart from a dragon. I wonder how I could get a dragon in?"