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The Snow Day sex position will keep you hot as the temperature plummets

WHEN the temperature plummets on a cold miserable day, there's nothing more satisfying than shacking up indoors - and in bed- with your partner.

But how do you make the most of the time indoors? A good old fashioned sex romp, that's how - and we have the perfect position to get your temperature soaring.

Sure, experimenting with acrobatic moves could pay off when you finally discover something that works, but a guaranteed way to raise the temperature and get off is to reinvent the good old classics.

The snow day position allows you to get hot and heavy with your partner with the guarantee of both parties actually feeling satisfied.

But, what is it? Well, I'm glad you asked. Think doggy style, but better.

To break it down, it works by the woman laying on her stomach while her partner jumps on top keeping his chest flat against her back as they ride the waves of love.

The snow day position allows you to get hot and heavy with your partner with the guarantee of both parties actually feeling satisfied. 

The problem with traditional doggy style is that it allows for space between the two bodies - not ideal when your're looking at getting warm in a hurry.

But, the snow day offers all the goodness of doggy (and there's a lot of goodness) with the added warmth, since your bodies remain close for the entire session.

But, if you've already exhausted the full extend of the Karma Sutra and looking to take it up a notch, then we have another one for you.

And in our opinion, it is the perfect combination of snuggles and sex - who doesn't want that on a cold day.

Have the bloke sit on the floor with his legs crossed and simply lower yourself onto his lap, while wrapping your legs and arms around each other - with your bodies moving and grooving so closely, you'll be sure to heat up in no time.

Now, my friends, have you ever seen a position more made for the snow than this? We didn't think so.

For an added bonus, you can even watch the snow fall from the window as you peer over each others shoulder.

We call this baby the snow angel, because you will definitely be floating on air once you're through.

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