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A tribute to the son of a "little fighter" who died tragically after a rare battle

After the tragic death at the age of 20, the tragic parents of theadolescentsent emotional compliments.

When Paul Braithwaite was born, he was the only recorded British citizen in history to be diagnosed with eosinophilic gastroenteropathy, a condition that causes severe gastric problems. The drug can also cause side effects such as growth inhibition.

For example, Paul ofGrimsbywas 10 or 11 years old when he died at the age of 20 atCastle Hill Hospital. Hull on June 20th. Unfortunately, Paul's condition embarrassed him. That meant he rarely left his room and he had only one real friend.

Paul is the heart of many, including TV presenter Emon Holmes, who paid to put the Astro Turf in his backyard so that Manchester United fans could play football. Won.Grimsby Live Report.

In addition, he received a letter from former English manager Fabio Capello about how brave he is. His mother, Kelly Thornton, states that Paul enjoyed spending time with his father, Darren Bracewait, playing games on the console and computer in the shooting range.

He was brave all the way to his death, but Kelly said it wouldn't make it easier.

Paul Braithwaite with dad Darren
Paul Bracewaite and Papadalen

She explained: Illness when he grows old and begins to be trapped in his bedroom.

Paul's skin was in very bad condition due to the allergies caused by his illness.

Kelly said: .. He had one friend who came a few hours a week, but he was mostly in his little world and liked it.

"In the last two years he really started to get worse and I was hoping. He would be fine enough to get a dog and go out more. But it never happened. I didn't. "

She added: .. "

Paul had many hobbies throughout his life, but his favorite was to play video games.

Kelly said: His cure, but he couldn't use it. He was also obsessed with Manchester United, especially Ronaud, when he was young.

"But he himself There wasn't much I could do in my life. In 2012, he went swimming with a dolphin in Florida. Sadly,

"He was really alone, but the real thing. He was also a character of WWE, so I always called him a "little fighter". Parents struggle to deal with his loss

Kelly does what his son has done I'm proud and always look back on these fun memories, but she says she's having a hard time dealing with the losses.

She explained: "I haven't dealt with it at all. I took care of him 24 hours a day for 20 years. We had an inseparable relationship and I stayed with him. He Wasn't ready to go, which makes it so bad.

"His body had no bad bones, but I couldn't blame him. My happiest memory is having fun watching him in the game shop. "

GoFundMe page to help raise money for my family during this difficult time. It is set. To donateClick here.

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