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Great Britain Reveals Biggest Vapor – Average User Passes Nine Liquids A Week

The UK's largest steaming city has been revealed, passing an average of nine stunning e-liquids a week.

Studies show that Vapers, the city with the highest consumption of electronic liquids, spends £ 48.40 a month to fuel nicotine habits. increase.

Londoners are officially the largest vapors in the country, consuming the most electronic liquids and spending the most onvaporizing.

Tobacco, mango and mint flavors have proved to be the most popular in the capital. Tobacco was also the most popular variety in East Midland, North East, Scotland and Wales.

On the other hand, northwestern, northern Irish, southeastern and southwestern vapors have sweet teeth, with strawberry-flavorede-liquidbeing the most popular.

The relatively new disposable vapeson the market are especially popular among nicotine consumers in West Midland, and 84% of vaper users in that location have tried them. ..

A spokesperson for theVusecompany that commissioned the investigationvapesaid: The last 10 years.

"And while new products like disposable arcs are on the rise, there are many different flavors to buy.

" So, adults in different regions vape It's interesting to see how users vary from region to region in terms of usage and preferences. ”

In this survey, which vapors across the country are using devices? It also revealed some interesting details about how you are using it.

Four out of ten users across the UK tend to stick to the same flavor, but only three out of ten want to change it.

The most capricious area is the northeast, where 46% say they like to switch flavors. On the other hand, the most loyal vapor is in East Anglia, where 60% consistently choose the same flavor.

Nationwide, vape users are also divided on whether to go out for puffs. Only one-third say they prefer to go out for a nicotine hit, and another one-third say they prefer to stay where they are allowed.

Vuse Go, the spokesperson for Vuse, who launched the disposable Ark, added:

"Also, the usage of vape is different. The findings suggest that this is very distinctly different from region to region."