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Urgent driver warning over little-known car button with ‘deadly’ consequences

DRIVERS have been issued an urgent warning over a little-known car button that could have deadly consequences when used.

Car expert Andrew Jervis urged drivers against using a particular feature as temperatures fall.

In summertime, the recirculation button is a great way to keep cool and save money.

It keeps the same air passing through your air con system rather than dragging in hot air from outside.

Not only does this cool the cabin down quicker, it also improves fuel economy, benefitting you at the pumps.

However, Andrew warned that, in colder weather, the function can have a dangerous effect.

He told The Express: "We’re approaching the colder months and that can bring a number of problems to motorists, from icy or misty windows to increasingly hazardous road conditions.

"Drivers should avoid using the recirculation button during winter months as it traps the moisture inside the vehicle, making it more difficult to clear your windows of dew."

This could cause poor visibility and make it dangerous to drive.

Andrew explained that the inability to properly see road hazards combined with the risk of the air becoming too warm and making a driver drowsy could be "deadly".

And even if you don't have an accident, misted windows could see you pulled over and slapped with a fine.

Having your view of the road obscured is an offence and can carry a £1,000 fine and three licence points.

He advised motorists to check up on how to properly defog their windows in the winter.

Fortunately, an expert mechanic recently revealed an easy tip to defog safely and effectively.

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